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Handmade Costume Series: DIY Piglet Costume Tutorial & Free Pattern

Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite classic children's stories. For obvious reasons. The stories are so intelligent and endearing. Melissa from Melly Sews is here to show us how to make a Precious Piglet costume with her tutorial and free pattern.
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Hi Train to Crazy readers! 

I'm Melissa, 

and I blog over at Melly Sews

I'm also the author of Blank Slate Basics
My latest endeavor is Blank Slate Patterns
where I sell PDF sewing patterns that are designed to give you a "blank-slate" so you can skip the pattern-making and go right into expressing your creativity through fabric choice and embellishments.  And incidentally you can find many of my patterns in Andrea's Go To Patterns shop
I'm also mom to two boys and wife to a football coach (and a former theatre teacher myself)

I'm a sucker for themed costumes, as you can see from last year's costumes. This year since I have a niece and they live only two miles away, my sister-in-law and I planned a Winnie the Pooh theme. Today I'm going to show you how I made her Piglet hat.

You'll need

  • The pattern (please note: this pattern is licensed for personal use only and by downloading you are agreeing to that license. Thanks!)
  • 1/3 yd of light pink fleece
  • 1/8 yd of dark pink fleece
  • Optional – interfacing for ears
  • Tiny scraps of black fleece or felt

First, print the pattern. You'll need to print all 3 pages – 2 print landscape and 1 prints portrait. Make SURE scaling is set to NONE and auto-rotate and center is checked. Assembly instructions print on page 1.

Cut out your pieces according to the pattern.

This pattern fits head size 18-20 inches using 1/2" seams. You could probably make it fit an even bigger head by using smaller seam allowances.

Assemble your ears like so, sandwiching the interfacing between the outer and inner ear if desired.

Stitch around the edge of the inner ear. Pinch the bottom of the ear and baste to make it more "ear-shaped"

Position the ear in the bigger dart of the side piece. Stitch the dart closed.

Match the notch at the front of the top piece to the notch on the side piece, and curve the top piece as you pin it to the side piece.  Stitch both side pieces to the top piece. Trim off any edges that stick out weird around the face.

Cut the fleece on the long side extension into three strands.

Braid the fleece strands.

Overlap the bottom of the strands and stitch in place, backstitching a few times.

Sew (or hot glue – I did) the face onto the hat as shown.

Put it on your adorable Piglet and tie the straps under the chin.

Stop by my blog next week for a tutorial on the ruffled striped onesie, and to see Pooh and Tigger.

Thanks for having me, Andrea!


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