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DIY Mary Poppins Costume Tutorial


Make a Mary Poppins dress! tutorial by CINOSew a Mary Poppins dress costume with this fantastic tutorial by  Jess, from Craftiness is not Optional. What a lovely Jolly Holiday dress costume! There was never a cuter Mary Poppins. Perfect for dress up, parties or Halloween!
Mary Poppins costume by CINOShe looks pretty darn cute in it, I’ve gotta say. Of course, the circle skirt is very spin-worthy. I love the trims-on the sleeves, and cummerbund. With bows on the skirt. :)
Mary Poppins costume by CINO
So, I used this tutorial for the basic dress construction. I used sheer fabric for the sleeves and lengthened them. (and added trim) Left off the waistband, but made a cummerbund. (instructions below)
I made a simple “bib” by sewing two rectangular pieces of my sheer material right sides together, on 3 sides. Turned right side out, and sewed closed the bottom, turning raw edges in. Then I gathered it down the middle, sewed it to the dress, and then tacked it down at each corner with a few stitches, and added the ribbon bow.
Now for a few pics and notes about how I made the cummerbund.

First I cut out two pieces shaped like this, that came to a point in the middle, and were wide enough to fit around her waist. I ended up cutting some off in the end, but that’s easy to do later.

On one piece, I laid out 5 pieces of ric rac like so, and then sewed them down, sewing straight down the middle.

Then I took some pre-made piping, and pinned it along each edge, with the piping towards the middle.

I clipped the piping at the bottom there a little bit, to fit better around the little point.

Then, using a zipper foot, I sewed AS CLOSE as I could to the piping. Like, really close.

Then I pinned the other red piece right sides together, and sewed (with my zipper foot still) close to the piping again. It wasn’t hard to tell where it was, I just manipulated the fabric a bit so it would stand out better. Leave the ends open.
No pics of the rest, but I turned it right side out, checked my piping to see if I needed to restitch anything, and then pressed it. Then I figured out where I needed to place my velcro to fit the Sadester. I cut it where I needed, serged the ends, turned them under and stitched over the ends, then sewed on my velcro. All done!
Hope you like it! Happy Trick or Treating!
Mary Poppins costume tutorial by CINO
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