5 Funny Family Halloween Costumes

funny family costumes

Need some funny family Halloween costumes? Try one of these hilarious costume ideas! 1. Shark Attack Costume by Be Fickle 2. A Christmas Story via Coolest Homemade Costumes 3. Little Red Riding Hood via Buzzfeed 4. Lions & tigers & bears, oh my! via Sugar Bee Crafts 5. Napoleon Dynamite Via Costume Works

DIY Tutu Costume Tutorials

tons of tutu costume tutorials

Who doesn’t love an adorable DIY tutu Halloween costume?? I’ve found 10+ of the cutest DIY tutu costume tutorials PLUS some bonus tutu tutorials and some adorable tutu costumes you can buy. Plus, don’t miss the tulle fox tail! 1. Scarecrow DIY scarecrow costume by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body 2. Peacock DIY peacock

Frozen’s Elsa Dress Tutorials (Ice Queen)

10 amazing Elsa dress tutorials!

Who doesn’t want to be Elsa for Halloween, or a Tuesday in the backyard? Frozen’s Elsa is so popular! Here are 10 Elsa dress tutorials you’ll enjoy.  10 Elsa Dress Tutorials 1. Ice Queen dress (FREE) pattern by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Blog 2. Simple Elsa Dress tutorial by Kiki & Company 3. Elsa inspired dress

Harry Potter Costume Tutorials

10 DIY Harry Potter costume tutorials - men, women, girls, boys, dogs & props!

Start your DIY Harry Potter costumes now! Check out these tutorials for all levels of skill. Make a couples costume, dog costume, boy costume or girl costume! DIY Harry Potter costume tutorials for the whole family! DIY Harry Potter Costume Tutorials: 1. 15 minute simple Harry Potter Wizard Robe. tutorial by Pieces by Polly   2.

Disney princess hair tutorials

9 Disney princess hair tutorials

Are you ready to dress up your little princess for Halloween? You can make her hair authentic with these fabulous video tutorials from Disney. I’ve chosen some of the most popular Disney princess hair tutorials I know you’ll love! And don’t forget the dress! Disney princess hair tutorials: 1. Belle’s Hair (Beauty & the Beast)

33 boy costume tutorials you MUST see

33 boy costumes you must see

  33 costume tutorials for boys that you won’t believe. These are AMAZING and so much fun. With a dress up box full of these any boy could spend hours in imaginative play! EDITED: For the love, people. Of course girls would love to dress up as these as well. This is just a list

How to make a Fancy Ladybug Costume


A couple years ago I made my daughter a Ladybug Princess costume. The really wanted to dress up to be a ladybug but didn’t have the clothes. We contemplated our options and then I made a new dress, of course. I used a sewing pattern for a dress and created a quick tutorial for the wings. Use this dress pattern to be any princess or even a Tinkerbelle costume.

75+ DIY Halloween Costume Tutorials Roundup

75 costumes tutorials

As the 3rd Annual Handmade Costume Series wraps up I thought it would be fun to look back at all the tutorials we’ve shared. If you need to know how to make a Halloween or dress up costume of any kind this is the place to look! From ninjas costumes to princess costumes and everything in between (ipod’s, anyone?) they’re all here! We’ve got mermaids and chefs, dragons, elephants, woodland creatures, hedgehogs, peacocks, fish, gnomes and dwarves, vikings, ewoks, R2D2, Rapunzel, Belle, Tinkerbelle, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy, Jessie, The Lorax, Fairies, Nacho Libre, Stick Men, Upsidedown men, witches, cats, legos, Wall-E, ladybugs and much more!