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Fabric Painting and Dyeing Three Ways

Grab some fabric because we’re trying out 3 different ways to paint or dye fabric! Last week on facebook I demonstrated, live, three different types of fabric dye. I ended up loving each one, for a different reason. Watch the video and let me know what you think!

Fabric painting and dyeing three ways!

Products in the video:

Wait for the video to load below. Let me know what you think!

Today I’m trying out 3 ways to paint/dye fabric. Watch to see the results live.

Below are links to the products I’m using.

Tulip Color Shot: Instant Fabric Color —>
This is an aerosol spray paint for fabric. Good for all over color or for using stencils. This dries quickly and is soft to the touch. Best for light colored fabrics. You can blend colors while spraying as well.
— I’m using Bubblegum Pink (, Lemonade ( and Coral (

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint —>
There is no air in these bottles. The spray nozzle gives you complete control. Pump the nozzle to spray.

Lumi Sunfold Printing Kit —>
Inkodye is an amazing new way to print on fabric. Its color develops and binds permanently when exposed to bright sunlight or UV. Inkodye is the only water-based dye of its kind. It does not use PVC, toxic solvents, iron or silver in its formula. This kit includes red and blue ink, the detergent, 2 gloves and instructions.

If you’re watching the video while it’s live, please click the “live video” link above the video to go to the original video to leave comments.

Canvas Drop Cloth —->

Posted by Andrea’s Notebook on Thursday, 9 June 2016


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