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Clothing Sew Along

UPDATE: Comments are finally working! I've received quite a few emails from people joining in and I'm so excited! 

Well, you've made it clear what you want, so get ready for the…

Sew alongThat's right! I've had at least a dozen people say they are interested so we'll be kicking this off next Monday, February 1st! This is the plan:

Week 1: Know your machine- This is for absolute beginners and for those who haven't sewed in a while. This will require that you have a machine (yours or borrowed), the manual, some scrap fabric, scissors, a seam ripper, and thread. 

Week 2: Gather your supplies- We'll discuss pattern selection, notions, fabric, and tools. I'll have suggestions for a few different patterns (adult and child) but you are free to use whatever pattern you want. Don't be afraid to make something for yourself! I'll be teaching using a basic dress pattern with a zipper.

Week 3: Cutting out your fabric- Learn about measuring and selecting the correct size as well as nap and grain and other fabric terms. You'll also learn what all the symbols on a pattern are, how to prep your fabric, and how to cut out the pattern. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to show you.

Week 4: Begin sewing! We'll take the plunge together and begin sewing. We'll discuss the seam ripper and how to follow the pattern directions. We'll learn about the different ways to finish seams as well as how to understitch, overstitch and other necessary garment sewing stitches.

Week 5: Finish it up! We'll talk about zippers, buttons and hemming. The fun stuff! That's right you'll have a finished garment by the first week of March!

I hope you can join me! I'll be answering questions along the way! Now is the time to get over your fear of "the machine" or to branch out and make something new! Both experienced sewers and newbies are welcome! I've created a flickr group so we can share photos and questions! Please join the group if you are going to be following the sew along!

Will you help me spread the word? You can put this button in your side bar. 

sew along button

and grab this code and link to this post Sew Along

Or link to facebook or tweet about it! The more the merrier!

So will you be joining us? Have any more questions? If you have a blog please link up here so we can follow along with your progress!


  1. says

    I am REALLY going to try and be part of the sew-a-long. I’ve admired your blog from afar for awhile now. My mother-in-love just gave me her first sewing machine and so far I’ve made a book sling and duvet cover with some help. I absolutely want to do this, but I’m still adjusting to life with two kiddos. Hopefuly I’ll find the time. Thanks for doing this!

  2. 3mily says

    very very very cool. and for me, well-timed– a free cast-off old school (think fake wood siding deco) Singer Graduate landed in my garage this week. like Tiffany, not a whole lot of time (you know all about that) but very intrigued…

  3. says

    Hmmmm…not sure I can commit, but I’m awfully tempted…even if I weigh in late, my machine is ready to go. Just not sure about what I’d make in the form of a garment. I’m definitely thinking about it though. Great idea.

  4. says

    I shared your button and blogged about the sew-along, but I don’t think I’ll personally participate. I’d have a hard time waiting until week 4 to start the sewing! :)
    I know many of my readers will benefit from your blogging, though, because they’ve said they’d like to learn more about clothing construction techniques.

  5. says

    Ok, I am going to take the plunge and participate. I have a bunch of clothing items I would like to sew, so hopefully this will get me motivated to get some done.

  6. says

    I have totally been joining along and didn’t even know it! I’m not sure how I wound up here, I believe from a crafty carnival somewhere, but am so glad I landed on your doorstep! I would love to join if not too late! I’m in the midst of a pj pants pattern and wish I had seen your post about patterns a few days ago!

  7. says

    Wow, I’m the 3rd Kelli to be participating! That’s a little unusual… I almost never make clothing for myself, but how can I pass this chic sheath up? I’m going to the fabric store this weekend, so I’ll pick up the pattern and some muslin fabric then.

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