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Clean Eating Crock Pot Recipes

Over 150 clean eating crock pot recipes!

Looking for healthy and clean eating crock-pot recipes? I’ve found about 150 that are worth trying! These could get you through a year of healthy meals! Skip the processed foods from most crock pot recipes and make something your body will thank you for. 

The most important part about clean eating is to eliminate processed and chemical laden foods. The great thing about eating clean is that you can make a few adjustments on all your old favorites and make them clean. Not inspired by your old foods? Save these recipes and try some new ones!

Trying to figure out how to start a Clean Eating Lifestyle? Start HERE.

P.S. She’s using a multi-cooker above and if you’ve never tried one they’re awesome!

Recipes are organized by type of meal:

Click the category below to see the recipes!

Clean Eating BREAKFAST recipesClean Eating BEEF crock pot recipesClean Eating crock pot chicken recipes!Clean Eating PORK crock pot recipesClean Eating TURKEY crock pot recipesClean Eating SIDE DISH crock pot recipesVegetarian CLEAN EATING crock pot recipes

5 Steps to begin a clean eating lifestlyle

Ready to begin a clean eating lifestyle? Read all about how to jump with two feet and find your healthiest, most energetic self! With just five steps you can start eliminating the foods that make you tired and sluggish and feel your best.

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200+ Clean Eating crock pot recipes! Well organized.


    • Becky G says

      You just have to do a couple of clicks… on the crockpot of choice (breakfast, snack, etc.) then on the picture of the crockpot, then on the picture of the recipe you want… she’s pulled a ton of resources into one place so you have to get to the website each recipe is located on… I think this is FABULOUS! Thank you so much!

  1. Paula says

    Fantastic collection of recipes. I can’t wait to try them! I found the links under the pics without any problem. Previous commenter needs to READ! Deceiving? Give me a break.

  2. Laura says

    Disappointed… these are Not clean eating recipies . The first one I clicked on had several ingredients that are not considered “clean”. I agree with the above comment, miss leading.

    • says

      “The soul of clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to an improved life – one meal at a time.”

      Which recipe are you referring to? Always a chance I included one I shouldn’t have.

      • Kat says

        These are not clean recipes. Clean food is in its most original raw form. It is widely referenced in the vegan world. You might consider changing the misnomer to avoid criticism of your hard work, or delete the recipes that have animal products as ingredients.

      • Gu3mom says

        Although you promote clean eating as “food in its most natural state”, I’m surprised there is little-to-no mention of the importance of using non-GMO / organic ingredients which are, of course, unadulterated and best meet your definition. Please consider modifying the recipes to include this important qualifier. Thanks for sharing the recipes. I’m anxious to try Butter Chicken in the crockpot!! :)

  3. Laura says

    Thanks for the recipes! I’ve looked at a few of them and they look good enough that we might just go out and buy a crock pot!

  4. ErIn says

    Good lord, people. Read. Read the links. Also, stop criticizing because it’s not perfectly organized. You are adults, capable of makin informed decisions. If the lasagna has turkey in it and you’re vegetarian, either leave out the turkey or move on. Not everything in life will be spoon fed to you.

    • Randy says

      What a bunch of complaining crybabies!
      This is a great, informative site!
      If you don’t like it go to a different site or better yet, make your own!!!

    • Brenda says

      ErIn, I totally agree with you. Some of these people need to grow up and quit acting like small children that need to be led by their hand.

    • Wanda says

      Thanks for saying it I wonder why people can’t just take what they need and move on. This seems like a great site.

  5. jen says

    Thank you for this. We are a busy family that loves doing crock pot meals during the week that we can prep ahead of time. You have done a lot of work in sharing this. Just a couple clicks to get the recipe and a picture/description!! Love it.

  6. Linda says

    It saddens me to see how rude and critical people are. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. Looking forward to trying the recipes and hopefully eating better!

  7. Ann moore says

    A friend was telling me about this last night at church…she has lost a lot of weight, very excited to try this new way of eating!

  8. Kathleen says

    I haven’t started clicking through on the crockpots yet… but I totally agree with those posters who applaud the hard work that goes into gathering and organizing recipes… if you don’t like something about the recipe then CHANGE IT FOR GOODNESS GRACIOUS! I am the mother of 9 and grandma to 14… if ANY of my brood complained half as much as was on here… well make your own site and label it the way you WANT IT! Sorry for the caps, but this is really discouraging to the young lady that put this all together. From a computer challenged grey haired grannie… MY THANKS for making my life easier. *U* Kathleen

  9. Karilyn says

    I know that I’m repeating some that’s already been said but I want to add just to attempt to balance some of the ugliness that I just read. People are obviously under the impression that they can talk however they feel on the Internet and it’s acceptable. Beside the fact that they are just whiny and that’s pathetic behavior for adults; having the desire to lash out let alone go through with it is astounding. Best wishes Andrea. Your blog is well done and helpful.

  10. Lisa Travis says

    thank you so much for the recipes. my sister shared the link with me and I instantly started modifying to suit my vegan/vegetarian diet. (after laughing at the rice cooker and then wondering—hmmn is that a NEW version of the crock pot). A few days later, I am reading the comments and I see that it is a rice cooker :-). And I am disappointed by the unappreciative comments. I guess I am so accustomed to modifying recipes that I did not think anything about it. SO I wanted to make sure thank you for the recipes. And I love the idea of placing a dish inside the crock pot for easier clean up.

  11. VB says

    Here’s what’s so exciting about this…because of your hard work we have a comprehensive resource at our fingertips of crock pot recipes that are designed in the spirit of clean eating instead of based on concentrated soups and other processed flavor bases from the middle aisles of the grocery store. I was just lamenting about this the other day (for the hundredth time based on my husband’s strained look of patience while attempting active listening again LOL) – all of the crock pot resources I’ve found have recipes that start with condensed this, concentrated that, or package of these and it’s not helping us improve our family food intake even though it helps us eat by 6:00 instead of 7:15. My kids are young, and I want to help their palates develop in such a way that they crave fresh foods instead of “just add water” foods, y’know?

    So many families are stuck with conflicting battles these days – we desperately want to provide a healthier, fresher, more nutritious set of meals to our families each day BUT we are also pulling meals out of our hind quarters with very limited time, with financial resources that can’t support a fully clean-filled grocery cart and still last for a week, and usually while pretty exhausted after long days at work and/or keeping up with the demands of 21st century life (and that’s WITH avoiding as much unnecessary nonsense as possible). Crock pot meals are a fantastic way to do that – and what you’ve given us is a way to make a dent in the base ingredients and improve our nutrition and clean eating while still making it possible to make a hearty meal for our families that can be on the table before bedtime. If I had a lot more time and money I might be able to be a more “authentic clean eating advocate” as some other posters have scolded about, but the hard reality is that most working-class families are not able to have the time or the money to pull off such purity of mission and we need resources to help us do the best we can with what we have. Bell peppers are $1.50 EACH for crying out loud. It’s always easy to cock your head like a confused dog and not understand how another can’t be 100% committed to something when you are in a position of privilege and resources.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this – I am a very grateful mama.

  12. Lisa says

    I will definitely be trying your recipes. Also, your site is very understandable and much appreciated……..

  13. Sandy Sharp says

    It is so sad that people feel the need to bash others.How about this if you dont like the recipes on this site get you a life and move on.If you havent got anything nice to say dont say anything at all.I like your recipes and I am going to try some…You have a blessed day and I am going to pray for all these hateful folks.

  14. Freckles says

    I clicked on a few of the recipes and so far they look easy and delicious. Thank you for putting this together! You’ve probably saved many a person’s weeknight meals :-)

    As for the yuck-mouthed jerks with nothing but criticism to contribute: Get. Your. Life. You have no call to make demands on a person who provides you with a FREE resource to make YOUR life better. Your mother raised you better, and if she didn’t, then shame on her.

    Furthermore, when does “Clean = vegetarian”? You can eat meat and still eat clean. Knowledge: It’s whats for dinner.

    Again, thank you for compiling all of these recipes. I truly appreciate them and I know others do too!

  15. Jenn says

    Thanks so much for the wonderful recipes and great options for me to use my crockpot and still eat clean! I love using my crockpot but I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets stuck in a rut with recipes that work with it. New, fresh ideas are always welcome whether I follow them to the letter or simply read them for inspiration!

    As for those other commenters before me who lack manners and apparently any sort of common sense or independent thinking skills; if you can’t navigate a simple, well-organized website for a recipe, you probably shouldn’t be anywhere near sharp utensils or fire. Please back away from this website and out of your kitchens, then call a waaahmbulance for help. Don’t forget your tin foil, you may need it to fashion a hat.

  16. Joe Henderson says

    It amazes me to see all the carping about what is and isn’t clean eating. The reason this happens is because “clean eating” is so widely used that it ends up with lots of definitions. Some people are insisting that meat can’t be part of it, and others are saying it has to be organic, etc. There are so many definitions that it doesn’t help to criticize each other’s perspective. There is no single accepted definition.

    My perspective is to consume foods with minimal processing, choose local and organic where practicable, center your diet around vegetable-based foods, but don’t assume that a clean diet can’t include meat. Just choose antibiotic and hormone-free meat as much as possible. Keep your meat lean. Avoid most grains except whole grains. Avoid GMOs where you can. Try to avoid foods with lots of additives, although there is nothing wrong with vitamin-fortified foods per se. I really don’t think it needs to be all that complicated, and I think everyone is entitled to define “clean eating” as works for them.

    Personally, I am not a fan of the paleo diet, but most of the paleo recipes here do happen to be pretty clean. A little too much meat for my taste, but still mostly good clean food. Just take what you like and leave the rest, and above all, be nice.

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