Tutorial: The 60 Minute Dress

Warning: do not attempt this dress if you are a perfectionist OR are uncomfortable "winging it"

If you do dare, this is what you'll get

60 minute dress 103
(shirt version)

60 minute dress 095
(dress version)

I have some tips on how to make your adult version.

Measure your subject:

60 minute dress length

60 minute dress width

60 minute dress head

Cut rectangle of fabric by the width and length you measured.

Fold in half one way, then fold in half the other way so the very middle of the fabric is folded at a point.

60 minute dress neck
Cut head hole by dividing head circumference by 4, then cut head hole as pictured. Smaller is better. You can always cut it larger if necessary.

Your fabric will now look like this:

60 minute dress poncho
Now here is the "winging it" part.

60 minute dress sew
Start at edge and sew arm hole the turn a 90 degree angle and sew down to bottom. 

Can you believe it will now look like this?

60 minute dress 101

60 minute dress 097


  • make arm hole big enough
  • the "armpit" of the shirt should be 1"-3" away from the body so the dress is a big without the belt. 
  • slightly angle side seam back away from body. The more you angle the seam back toward side edge, the fuller the dress will be.
  • The heavier the knit, the less "flowy" it will be. On an adult I'd recommend a lightweight knit!! Mine was too heavy. It also doesn't flatter my 5 week post baby body. 
  • Try it on, fix if necessary! Too wide? take 3 minutes and make it less wide!

Finish neck, sleeve and bottom of shirt with rolled hem or however you want. Knit doesn't even "need" to be finished.

Finish the dress with a belt. I used a piece of knit a couple inches smaller than the waist. Sewed the ends together and finished edges with a rolled hem.

What do you think? Easy, but do you dare try? I'd love to see pictures if you make one!


  1. says

    Yippee! I’ve been waiting and waiting for a simple adult idea…thanks so much! (Oh, and I think your five-weeks post baby body looks wonderful!)

  2. says

    Found you on the linky party on Ladybug Blessings and had to laugh because it looks like we posted the same dress at almost the same time lol.
    I wish I had some cute knit material so my dress would have been this simple… I still have to put in a zipper… ugh.

  3. Ana says

    I love this dress!!! It looks easy enough for me, a beginner sewer, to make. I’ll make one for my six year old cousin!!! Maybe one for me, too…

  4. says

    I never buy knit by the yard! So I’m going to try and make a “patchwork” version of this dress this evening. I will post pictures on my blog whenever I’m done

  5. Krystal says

    I did this with a woven and it didn’t turn out as well. It ended up being very tight in the arms and didn’t flow at all. Did it with a knit and it turned out perfectly!

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