The never ending piles of fabric….

I sewed for baby a bit this week. Sticking to the De-Stash Challenge I used only what I had.

I reaffirmed my distaste for sewing satin. But really, what baby doesn't love satin?

Baby sewing 091
I made swaddle blankets by simply serging the edges of a giant flannel square.

Baby sewing 093
I made over our very used burp cloths.

Baby sewing 092
I made a couple changing pad covers using Prudent Baby's tutorial.

Baby sewing 095
Baby sewing 094
My mom says a brown changing pad cover is a bad idea. She may be right!

Baby sewing 096
I used Cluck, Cluck, Sew's tutorial for the car seat cover she so aptly calls the Greeter Deterrent. 

Baby sewing 097
I bought this baby flannel 5 or 6 months ago for around $1.50/yard. 4 yards has gone a long way. I've used it for a couple other projects this week as well. 

All this sewing and barely a dent in my stash! I'll share more of this week's projects in the coming weeks.

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    Great post with my 4th bub due in 23 days I am in the mad dash now to get things sewn up, nothing like a deadline ;-) I had in my mind to do a car seat cover so this was very timely, thanks!

  2. says

    I LOVED the giant swaddle blankets with a simple edge that a friend made for me. They were the only ones big enough and light weight enough to swaddle in the summer!

  3. says

    love all the great baby things! i’ve been trying to use up my stash too. i organized it all, which has made it easier. i managed to talk myself out of going to Joann’s today, but then ended up at a rummage sale around the corner with a bunch of fabric. couldn’t pass it up!

  4. says

    Wow! I love that fabric you got! And you have made so many beautiful things. Your due date is soon right? I feel like it was 10-10-10 or am I imagining that! Can’t wait to hear the good news. :-)

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