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The best ways to store fabric

The best ways to store fabric

Folding and storing fabric is ideal, though if you’re like me your fabric rarely looks so organized and pretty. Here are 9 ways to store fabric that will leave your sewing space looking organized and beautiful!

How to store fabric

  1. Use skirt hangers to hang your fabric. Keeps it folded nicely and out of the way!
  2. Use bookshelves to fold fabric uniformly! I love how every inch is filled with fabric! Fold using this tutorial.
  3. Use cardboard to make “mini-bolts”. Perfectly organized and easy to pull in and out!
  4. Store fabric in a file cabinet. Out of sight!
  5. Use drawers to sort fabric by color. Wonderful for quilters!
  6. Hang fabric on a pants hanger. Like a waterfall of fabric.
  7. Love this sewing room!
  8. Fold fabric in clear plastic drawers. Easy to find what you need!
  9. Store cut fabric in labeled containers.

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  1. marcia grossman says

    I’m so glad to find your site. My granddaughter in 9 months and very long or tall for her age. I will be making her leggings and pants for her soon.

    thank you marcia

  2. says

    I store my fabrics in plastic tubs on the wooden shelves of my sewing room and all my trims and threads in plastic drawers. Keeps everything neat and tidy and most importantly easy to find.

  3. says

    Those are lovely! I really love the mini-bolts :)

    Mine is not as pretty as any of those, but it’s very functional. Much of my stash is leftover scraps or re-purposed clothing, so it’s hard to fold them as neatly as what’s pictured above. So I got cheap zip-top bags and put two fabrics in each one (so you can see from each side what’s in there). Then I lined the bags up like books on the shelf. It kept things consolidated, made it easy to sort through, and kept all those little pieces and ends from making a huge mess.

    Now I have to keep the fabric in one large tub (baby girl got the shelf ;) ), and the bag method still makes it SO much easier to sort through what’s in there!

  4. Daphne says

    I love your site. I’m getting ready to turn my daughter’s old room into a sewing room. Thank you for the ideas!

  5. Ruth Hurley says

    I store my fabtic wrapped around cardboard backer boards for comic books. I buy them cheaply at Amazon. Then I store them in cubes–easy to see what I have. You can fit a lot of fabric in a small space.

  6. says

    I love all the inventive ways that folks have come up with to store their fabrics. The one thing that I always find missing is that it should be stored out of the sunlight… to reduce fading to those bright and beautiful colors. Unless you go through your fabric quickly, finding ways to store it out of direct sunlight is advisable. I keep mine behind custom built cabinets, designed to be deep enough for bolts of fabric to stand (plus some in the closet of this former bedroom turned sewing/crafting room).

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