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14 Outdoor Beds For Summer Naps

I’ve been daydreaming about having an outdoor bed. It would be perfect for curling up with a book or just taking an afternoon nap with the kids. I can imagine it getting a lot of use at our house. While searching for inspiration I found 14 that I think you’ll really enjoy as well!

DIY Outdoor Daybed

Canopy Daybed | Design Lovefest

Yes, I’ll take one of these! Simple but comfortable looking! Love those pillows, too! This takes up a part of the yard that was probably just wasted before. Great idea!

DIY Outdoor Daybed

Sturdy Platform Bed | hgtv

If you’re looking for a sturdy, permanent fixture in your yard, this is great! Drape some fabric for shade or keep it open for a little sunbathing. 

Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair

Hanging Chaise Lounger

If you’re not into DIY or just want something with a smaller footprint, this 5 star lounger looks seriously heavenly.

DIY Outdoor Bed

Simple Patio Beds

I love this simple outdoor bed. Just a simple frame (with an umbrella hole) and a couple mattresses. Perfect for any backyard.

DIY Outdoor Bed

Casual Outdoor Bed | vtwonen

If you live somewhere tropics somewhere, this would be really fun. Not great where it rains but what a lovely place for a nap!

Easy DIY Outdoor Bed

Makeshift Patio Bed | VTWonen

This whole patio style (click the source for more images) is like nothing I’ve seen! Simple and definitely DIY. What do you think?

DIY Outdoor Bed

Rustic Patio Bed | Style Me Pretty

The rustic charm of this daybed appeals to anyone who loves a little shabby elegance. Did you see the chandelier outside?

Double Hammock Bed

Double Hammock Bed

Another great non-DIY idea! 

DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed

Hanging Daybed | My Scandinavian Home

I’m most interested in that tree behind the bed that appears to be in a bag? Anyone know what that is?? Love it!

DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed

Minimal Chain Hanging Bed | Lonny

This lovely Hawaiian home has such a clean and minimal appeal. If you love minimalist design, this hanging bed is for you!

DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed

Spanish Style Rope Swing Bed | HouseBeautiful

Now THIS is my style. I love the look, completely! That tile patio looks like a dreamy place to spend an evening. That view!!

DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed

Blue hanging rope bed | Atlanta Homes

This looks like a lovely place to take an afternoon nap or just curl up with a good book. The covered porch area is lovely!

Amish Made Porch Swing Bed

Amish Made Porch Swing Bed

Another great option if you just want to buy something! This one would be great on any larger porch!


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