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Two Toned Kitchen Cabinet Trend

The two toned kitchen cabinet trend is hot right now. They’re popping up everyone in home decor magazines and on blogs. I happen to really love the look of many of them. It allows you to use a bolder color without overwhelming the room. In some cases, lighter two toned cabinets work really well too.15 two-toned kitchens that are to die for!

I will say, after looking at hundreds of photos, I wasn’t partial to 90’s style kitchen cabinets painted white and light gray. I saw many versions of that and didn’t like any of them. If you’ve got that older style (rather than the shaker style in many of these photos) I’d consider painting the uppers white and either removing some upper doors or adding glass doors and going with a bolder color on the bottom. I’m not linking to any of these ones I didn’t love because, obviously, these are people’s homes and they love them! But if your cabinets are the style of the ones below, take a look around Pinterest before painting to see what you think!

Here are some of my favorites:

Fresh blue and white kitchen | Jillianharris – That blue is really heavenly. It looks fabulous with white countertops, white marble tile backsplash and white uppers. 

fresh blue and white kitchen cabinets

Eclectic Yellow + White Kitchen | via Houzz by J.A.S Design Build – If you love a good yellow, this is definitely one. That’s one bold kitchen island and I love it!

Stylish two toned kitchen cabinets - yellow and white

White and teal cabinets | BHG – Oooh! So much to love here!two toned kitchen

Shaker Farmhouse Kitchen | via Houzz by Harvey Jones Kitchens – The earthier look is still great with two tones. This is a totally different look with the white cabinets sitting right next to the natural wood cabinets. This isn’t my favorite but I know some people will love this. 

Stylish two toned kitchen cabinets

Black, White + Copper Kitchen | British Standard by Plain English – If I could do this I would. I know this would drive about 50% of you absolutely batty but I can’t help but love this paint job. The open space on the right is odd but the paint has me sold. 

Stylish two toned kitchen cabinets - navy and white

Soft pastel two toned kitchen | BHG   – A light gray/aqua looks nice in this small space with white appliances!

beautiful two toned pastel kitchen

Craftsman Wood+White Kitchen Reveal | Design Manifest – The style of these cabinet doors is making me swoon. And that dark wood is really lovely!

Stylish two toned kitchen cabinets - wood and white

Bold green and white kitchen | BHG -  I’d get sick of this color after a couple years but the tone really is nice. It gives the kitchen a very fresh feeling. 

lime green and white kitchen cabinets

Vintage Inspired Kitchen with Bi-Color Cabinets | Design Sponge – This one is all sorts of perfect.

Stylish two toned kitchen cabinets - navy and white

Modern Kitchen with Brass Drawer Pulls | Sarah Sherman Samuel – I would not have expected to love this green color but it looks rather nice in this space.  I don’t know how I feel with gold handles and stainless steel appliances together. What do you think about that?

Stunning Kitchen Designs with 2-Toned Cabinets | Modern Kitchen with Brass Drawer Pulls | Sarah Sherman Samuel

Black & White Kitchen Design | A beautiful Mess – These are definitely older cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. There aren’t many ways I can imagine myself having black cabinets but this works because of the butcher block countertop and white uppers. What do you think?

Stylish two toned kitchen cabinets - black and white

Farmhouse Style 2-toned Kitchen | House and Home – I don’t think you can go wrong with that gray. 

Stylish two toned kitchen cabinets - gray and white

White and gray with gold hardware | House and Home – A slightly bluer gray that above. I like it less but it looks good in this space. White and gray kitchen cabinets

Two toned gray kitchen cabinets | decorpad - A very light taupe-gray and a light blue-gray. This whole kitchen is not my style but it’s lovely anyway!

two toned gray cabinets

Turquoise retro kitchen redo | Eddie Wadsworth – It’s hard to do a roundup of two toned kitchen cabinets without including this one. It’s one of the few DIY two toned kitchens I like. You can see the style of cabinet here is the standard, builder grade, cabinet that many homes have. turquoise and white two toned DIY kitchen remodel

 So tell us, which do you prefer?


  1. says

    I have white uppers and blue/gray lowers. I love it. The white keeps the space feeling open and airy. The darker lower cabinets hide finger prints and food drips, so everything stays clean looking. The dark gray/blue is very neutral, so I can change accent colors without being stuck with one palette. My painter thought I was crazy (clearly he never looks at Pinterest :)) but I stuck to my plans and I’m really happy with the result. I would go for it!

  2. says

    I have off white uppers and dark brown below and love the look. I am glad this is popular right now as my house got flooded in Hurricane Isaac and I received money only to replace the bottom cabinets since they got ruined and the top cabinets did not. So now maybe I can be a part of the “in” kitchens.

  3. Linda Livingston says

    I like the soft pastel with white top. Excellent choice for a more spacious look. The bright blue looks dated to me and the teal is so exterior looking. Thanks

  4. Bonnie Lopez says

    I love the look of French Blue and white. They have been a dream to have for me, since I have Oak in the last 2 homes. Scandinavian and very fresh.

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