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T-Shirt Upcycle Tutorials

20+ t-shirt refashion tutorials! Everyone loves a great t-shirt upcycle! Find a big shirt in the thrift store or on clearance and the possibilities are endless! It’s fun to take something old and make it new. Some of these tutorials are no-sew and some require a little sewing. All are pretty easy! Below are over 20 of my favorite t-shirt refashion tutorials. Click the link below each photo to go to the original tutorial.  

T-shirt Upcycle Tutorials

amazing t-shirt refashions3 t-shirt refashions for summer or the beach! These video tutorials are really easy. 

 t-shirt to halter tutorialT-shirt to halter video tutorial by Sew In Love.


turn a t-shirt into an adorable dress! Large t-shirt to adorable baby Betsy Ross dress tutorial by Melly Sews.

t-shirt to cute skirt upcycle Cute shirt to skirt upcycle tutorial by Brassy Apple.

Turn a t-shirt into a little nightgown 10 minute t-shirt to nightgown tutorial by It’s Always Autumn

new sleeve refashion Contrasting sleeve t-shirt refashion tutorial by Merrick’s Art.

produce bag t-shirt upcycle Upcycle a t-shirt into a produce bag with this tutorial from Between the Lines.


Amazing t-shirt refashion!T-shirt to easy tank top tutorial by Crafterhours.

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  1. L.r. Smith says

    Please someone… desperation in my typing.. lol.. please tell me or show me where the PINTEREST BUTTON LINK is for this!!! I NEED IT!! THANK~YOU!!!

  2. Nancy Nishon says

    Do you have any idea of how to use old uniform tops ? I have dozens of them that are in excellent condition. I retired from nursing several years ago and I would like to be able to use them in a creative way. I would appreciate any ideas you could share with me.

    • Sheila Flowers says

      Turn them into pillow case covers. Turn them inside out. Sew arm holes shut from shoulder to underarm. Cut off selves. Take one sleve and cut it open. Place it over neck hole and stitch around. Turn to right side and put in bed pillow. This can be used on your bed, as a dog or cat pillow or on the floor for you or the kids. This saves on ware on regular bed pillow cases. You can also use a t shirt or old sweater.

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