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Sewing gifts for kids: Pajama Eaters

I prefer to make gifts for my kids for Christmas. I usually make pajamas, clothes and a toy. Last year I made each of my kids a Pajama Eater to go with their new pajamas. I used the pattern by Sew Fearless and loved it. I didn’t make any of them exactly like the pattern. I should have because my “cat” doesn’t look too cat-tish because I ran out of time and didn’t put on the ears or whiskers.

Pajama Eaters make the perfect git for a childI made 4. Here are the 3 I could actually find when it came time for photos. It’s not that the 4th is unloved and tossed aside. I think it was actually in the cardboard fort in my 7 year old’s room but I didn’t go inside it.

Pajama eaters
I made a Glam Monster, Monkey and Cat. See what I mean about the cat? The fourth is a penguin. Super cute. Trust me on that one.

Pajama eater (1 of 5)
I used a thin pillow form to stuff 3 of them. The pattern calls for stuffing. The pillow form makes it easier. Just don’t get a super over stuffed form because it will be hard to get the pajamas into the monster.

You can get the Pajama Eater pattern here at Sew Fearless.

Do you like to give handmade gifts?

Some other fun gifts to sew: stuffed animals (I love the monkey and the dragon!), pajamas, backpack, car play mat, felt play food, canopy tent or a quilt.


  1. says

    I am making these for sure! So cute! Gonna make them for the grand-kids bedroom that is at my house and keep an extra set of PJs in them for the last minute sleepovers! Thanks

  2. carrie says

    Since you didn’t do the pattern exactly, can you describe how you did the ears? I love the monkey! I was thinking a robot one would be cute for my son.

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