Little Cap Sew Along Day 3

Making size 0-6 months is easy. Use the smaller pattern as a guide. Cut about 1/2″ off the bottom of the cap and 1/4″ off each side. You’ll need to alter the “W” markings slightly to accommodate the change, but not much. Then, add a bit more elastic in the back to ensure it will fit a tinier head. That’s it! That’s how I made mine. **Warning** my hat was never fitted to a 0-6 month old, only compared to current hats I have.

Now, the instructions you’ve all been waiting for: How to make the top of the cap look like this:

Little cap 101
It’s really simple. You’ll need to change the “W” marking on the pattern slightly.

Little cap 099
Cut out the fabric. Then mark the bottom of each “W” point with a dot on your fabric (see photo above).

Then put a dot on either side of the top of the “W” point in the pattern. My dots are approximately 3/8″ apart. I’m no perfectionist so I didn’t measure.

Fold fabric to sew. Your top dot on the right should match up with the top edge on the left. The top dot on the left should match up with the edge on the right. Like so:

Little cap 100
See how the stitched lines at the top of the hat criss cross? Where they meet is where your seam allowance will be! Does this make sense?

Note that I also extended my stitches past the lower dots and slightly curved the stitched line to make a more gradual slope. Again, I didn’t measure and it wasn’t an exact science. I just like the look of a more rounded top of the hat.   

Little cap 097
Then cut off the excess as the pattern indicates. I was careful on top not to cut too close to the stitches. This is necessary. Now just sew the hat as directed, making sure to line up that top criss cross point on each piece before pinning and sewing. Watch as you sew and make sure your seam is stitched right through the “x” made by the criss cross.

Was that helpful?

I hope you had fun making these caps! Thanks Leila & Ben for the discounts for everyone!