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DIY Potato Head Costume Tutorial

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head costume tutorial
Mr. Oopsey Daisy and I dressed up like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! This easy tutorial can be adjusted for children! It’s easy to make a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costume for Halloween or any dress up party!
 I sewed our costumes in 1 afternoon, and they were a piece of cake.  Are you ready to learn how to make your own?
Let’s get started!
I did a few measurements on my husband including:
*Distance from shoulder to shoulder
* Waist circumference
*Distance from neck to knee
I purchased 2 1/3 yards of tan felt–that’s 84 inches!
Once I folded it in half lengthwise, I had my Mr. Potato Head!  He just needed a little trimming!  So I followed the measurements above to cut out an A-line shape.  Mr potato head_head
At the top of the fold, I found the center, and I cut out a 6-inch semi-circle to create the hole for the head.
Next, I cut out Mr. Potato Head’s eyes, nose, mustache, mouth, and ears from felt.  (I studied pictures of Mr. Potato Head while I did this.)  I pinned these on to the front of Mr. Potato Head.
Next, I sewed the facial features right on to the front. (Be sure to unfold the felt at this point.)
Then I pinned the right sides together.  But before sewing the sides together, I folded up the bottom edge by 1/2 inch.
I pressed the fold to create the casing for the elastic.  Here is a quick run-down… Mr potato head_elastic casing
Once I had the elastic sewed in, I sewed up the sides. Mr potato head_ears
I left the top 13 inches unsewn for the arm holes.  Just underneath the arm holes, I sewed in ears on each side. Mr potato head_velcro
In the back, I cut a 4-inch slit and sewed on Velcro to close it up.  This gives a little breathing room for slipping it on and off.
I think this Mr. Potato Head is pretty handsome!  :)
And here is my Mrs. Potato Head version!
So our family is all set for Halloween, and I can’t wait!
 Andrea, this has been so much fun.  Thank you for having me!  I hope you’ll come stop by Oopsey Daisy and say hello!


  1. Julie says

    Thank you so much!! I was in a pinch for some Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads and your step by step instructions, diagram & pictures made it so easy for us to make both costumes in a day!!
    Thanks again!

  2. BMiller says

    This is awesome! Thank you. My daughter’sname is Alison and my youngest is Daisy. I thought it was interesting your name was Alison and your blog was Oppsie Daisy! :) this is what they are being next year!!

  3. Debby says

    Thank you!!! Kids are singing a song from Toy Story and need “toy” costumes – your idea helps me SO much!!

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