DY(S)G: Sewing for teen girls- Outfit #1

Sewing for teen girls could be fun. Very fun. I've put together a series of outfits that may work for your girl. Here is the first.

Outfit #1

Teen outfit 1

Source: Tank Pattern, Skirt Pattern, Chiffon (doesn't fray), Lace

I think I'd like this outfit myself please! What do you think?


  1. says

    $128 for a skirt !?! as us sewists know sewing doesn’t necessarily save you money, but that’s an example of something you could sew & save money

  2. says

    Thank you SO much for doing this series!!! I have an older daughter who I have been wanting to sew for but have been at a loss! Most things are too young looking for her preference! These are great! Thank you Thank you! Keep them coming!

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