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40 Sewing Hacks and Tips You Should Know

Genius! 40 sewing hacks and tips to make sewing easier!I’ve gathered 40 sewing tips & hacks that may make your life easier. These sewing hacks are great for increasing your skills, speeding up your process or just keeping things better organized! From “hacks” to just some pretty awesome tips you’ll wish you knew years ago, each of these are something I learned from. Whether you’re new to sewing or an old pro, I hope you find something helpful. Don’t sew yet or wanting to learn?? Get a great, basic sewing machine and then come back to see these great tips! Go ahead and click the photo below to learn more about each of these sewing tips. 

Sewing Hacks & Tips:

 Love sewing? We’ve got so many great sewing tutorials for you!! Grab a cup of coffee and start pinning all your favorites! Make sure you follow this great Pinterst board as well! Looking for sewing patterns? Check out for all the best e-patterns!


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    That would be really cool to learn how to put in an “invisible zipper.” While I love sewing, I’ve only installed a zipper twice and they were very visible. I’m excited to get started on a new project after looking at all of this.

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    I love that you put the hacks all in their own post. This removes a lot of potential clutter from one post, and makes it easier for the reader to actually find what they are looking for. Rather than scroll through a massively long page of text with a picture here and there, you can just click the one you want to look at and have only the information for that one.

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    Well, first of all I’ve to say that I”m not a native speaker, so forgive me if my grammar is so so :P.

    I started sewing a few months ago and your site has been a fantastic source of great info.

    I’ve never posted on a blog but I couldn’t help but expressing how your personal notebook has helped me.

    Keep the great work!

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    Help! My mother-in-law used to crochet a little strap inside the shoulders of my tops to keep my bra straps from being seen. I cannot remember how to do it. Do you?

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