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How to fold EVERYTHING!

How to fold absolutely everything! 25+ tutorials

Tired of your shirts not looking like your mom had folded them? Your fitted sheets look more like a ball? Here is how to fold absolutely everything! I’ve found some of my favorite tutorials I’ve posted over the years that I think you’ll love. Just click the link below each photo to go to the tutorials! Enjoy!

Fold a Fitted Sheet

How to fold a fitted sheet perfectly!

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet HERE.

Flag fold a grocery bag in 20 seconds

This. Is. Awesome. How to flag fold a grocery bag in 10 seconds.

Learn how to flag fold a plastic grocery bag HERE.

Fold a prefold cloth diaper (5 ways)

How to put a prefold cloth diaper on a baby

Learn how to put a cloth diaper on a baby HERE.

Fold a shirt in 2 seconds

How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds

Learn how to fold this shirt in 2 seconds HERE.

Fold paper for a snowflake

Templates for snowflakes!

Learn how to fold paper for a snowflake HERE.

Fold fabric (multiple ways)

Learn how to fold fabric!

Learn how to fold fabric HERE.

Fold everything else

How to fold EVERYTHING!

Go to Buzzfeed to see this post.

Anything else you want to learn how to fold??


  1. Rae ann says

    I’m looking for a tutorial on how to fold hankies into a bird shape to appliqué on a quilt. I have the butterfly pattern. I had a book on it, but can’t seem to find it. I’ve searched everywhere. Can you help?

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