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Hi. I’m Andrea and I’m a fabric hoarder.

If you’re on facebook you might have seen my new photo. Just one of many I took during Fabric Weekend. It was amazing, by the way. 20 super fun bloggers and no drama whatsoever. Just fun shopping and lots of eating. By me, anyway.

I bought a lot of fabric. I’m stocking up since I’ll be moving away from Los Angeles soon. That’s what I tell myself anyway. I always get tons of knits. I go through those the most when creating a pattern. Stripes. I can never get enough. I love all the geometric prints everyone else was buying but I just didn’t have the vision for any.

So my question for you is, are you a fabric hoarder or do you just buy what you need with a specific project in mind? What type of fabric do you seem to collect the most?


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    Both. I’m a hoarder at heart, but I try really hard to to buy what I need. Or maybe I just fool myself into thinking I need it for a project. HA! Either way… I have a TON of fabric. Oh man… I wanna do this with you guys next time. I live in San Diego and I’d love to join in if you’d have me! :)

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    *ahem* My name is Laura and I am a fabric hoarder. I figure I have enough to sew just with my stash for at least three years. I buy with bargains and I probably have the most of woven cottons followed by knits. I’m doing my best to sew just from the hoard for a while….

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    I am a sporadic hoarder. I have trouble walking past the remnants bin at Joann’s without buying something. My stash is pretty small though — I can only squeak out a little bit of $$ from my budget, unfortunately!

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    I almost never have a project in mind when buying fabric. I usually stock up and then look at my stash when I have a project in mind. Every few months I put myself on a spending freeze saying I need to sew through my stash.
    I’m going to have to look at your Facebook page to see what fabric you bought!

  5. says

    I tend to hoard really bright patterned woven fabric for some reason. I think if I had better in person access to fun knits I would be way more likely to have a stash of it!

  6. Tanya B says

    You should definitely stock up. It is going to be hard to find any close to the deals you find in LA. I tend to hoard knits …. I have a lot of stripes and polka dots. It is more of an obsession really!!

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    My name is Bethany. I am a fabric hoarder. I make my self believe I need all of it, and that I will have time to use all of it, whether I have a vision for it or not. This past weekend was so hard to pass up so much. But, I knew if I wanted peace in the home then I would have to say no to some fabrics.

  8. Rachel says

    I try to hide the fact that I’m a fabric hoarder by saying I know what I’ll do with the fabric I buy, but it’s usually something general, like a bag or a dress for my daughter. Sometimes I control myself and only buy what I need with a specific need for it but then I usually end up regretting not buying more, haha. All it takes is one look at my fabric closet-it’s a walk in closet that used to be home to all the hobby supplies in the house, but now its wall to wall fabric, with at least 4 big, bulging totes in the garage loaded with more fabric….wow, yeah, I can’t deny it-my name is Rachel and I’m a fabric hoarder!

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    I buy A LOT of fabric. I really need to only buy what I need but when I see something pretty I envision it as a dress or a top and I just can’t help myself. Now the big question is, how do you keep your fabric stash organized? I’m always rearranging mine.

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    Ha ha ha! This is the big debate in my house. My husband swears I am a hoarder, but I DO have a project in mind each time I buy something! Unfortunately, a lot of the time my projects don’t actually end up getting made… I need better organization too so it doesn’t look as much like hoarding :)

  11. Heather C says

    Yes, I am a fabric hoarder… My husband won’t really even step into my sewing room any more…basically a room for fabric storage with just enough room to get to the machine and ironing board. I buy mostly cotton quilter fabrics, since I’m a quilter first. I have a few knits as I’ve ventured out a bit. Oh, yeah, and many “in progress” projects…

  12. says

    i’m definitely a fabric hoarder. i usually buy cotton. if i find a really great print, then i’ll usually buy at least a yard. it only takes a yard to make a skirt so i know i can make at least that. when i do finally get around to sewing, i usually want to buy more to choose from :)

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