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Free Printable Easter Card Kit

FREE printable Easter card with word search

One of my favorite things is giving my favorite people fun holiday surprises. Sometimes, it is a basket filled with chocolate and toys. Sometimes, especially for my out-of-town favorite people, I have to get a little more creative.

My adorable nephew lives seven states away. He loves games and word searches, so I thought up this little card to surprise him. I’m sharing this free printable card kit so you can make it too!
This printable card kit has everything you need to make a peek-a-boo word search Easter card. It just looks like a card with an Easter egg on it…but look closer and you will see a surprise. The top of the egg comes off to reveal a word search.
Ready to see how to do it yourself?


  • The Secret Easter Message Free Printable Card and a printer.
  • Glue stick
  • Metal Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife and cutting mat
  • (optional) Pretty paper for the inside of the card.
  • (optional) Bone folder and scoring board


Easter word search card - FREE PRINTABLE

  • Download and print the free card kit and cut out the pieces.
  • Fold the “inside” piece inward at the line, then open it up. I like to use a bone folder and scoring board for this, but you can just carefully fold it if you prefer. Put it face down, and apply glue to the back of the little channel you made when you folded it
  • Now lay that piece in front of you and attach the “front” piece of the card to the little glue channel you made. Let this dry for 10-20 minutes to be sure it is attached. You will want to fold it and play with it, but resist the urge!
  • Now use your craft knife and metal straight edge to cut a line at the top of the egg. Try to follow the top as closely as you can – the ruler really helps! The more precise you are, the more magical it will seem when someone sees they can pull out the top!
  • Slide in the piece you cut out that has the word search on it. The top is the top of the egg!
  • Now you need to finish the back of the slidey part. You do this by adding glue all the way around the edge of the inside left panel of the card, and attaching some kind of paper cut just slightly smaller that 4in x 6 in. This forms a pocket that allows the word search game to slide on and out. Just make sure when you are gluing that you only glue around the edges. If you use too much glue, your slider won’t work! Follow the edges with glue and you will be fine.
  • Attach the paper to the inside and let dry.
  • Now just put it in an envelope and surprise someone with this fun little game!

Simple printable Easter card

This word search is a fun one, but keep in mind you will need to look forwards, backwards, across, down, and diagonal for the words. Have fun and Happy Easter!


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