Make it, Wear it!

Welcome to the weekly carnival where you get to show off what you've made that you (or someone else) can wear. I've enjoyed this fun place to get new inspiration and support other creative people. Have you enjoyed it? I'm debating whether or not to continue on a weekly basis so let me know!

Did you see these little boys' underwear last week by Nancy's Couture? What little guy wouldn't want those?


And did you know that These Northern Skies made this flower out of a zipper? Who knew a zipper could look like that?

2009MarCraftB (15) (1) (Large)
So what did you make this week? Here's the rules! 

1. Click on "You are next" below. Enter your project's description in the title field and the URL to the specific blog post in the URL field.

2. Pretty please link back here in your blog post. You can grab the button if you want.

make it wear it

3. Go check out the others who are linking! Have fun and get inspired! Leave comments because everyone loves comments!


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