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15 Small Sewing Spaces That Inspire

15 small sewing spaces that inspire creativity

Ready to start sewing but don’t have a lot of space? Read these tips then check out these inspiring small sewing spaces! These are cute and functional without taking up a lot of space!

LOVE this tiny sewing space!

Cutest sewing nook by Kotbury // The combination of that beautiful yarn, vintage machine and that lovely wood furniture really wins this space a place in my heart. 

Great Sewing Spaces

Clean and fresh space by Fabric Paper Glue // Peg board, white desk and green plants! Lots of love here.

Inspiring Small Crafting Spaces

Functional sewing corner by Oh Sweet Joy // This is a larger space but utilizes a lot of small space storage tactics. 

Inspiring Small Sewing Spaces

Crafting closet by DIY by Design // This whole space closes up in a closet! That’s one way to keep it clean!

Inspiring Small Sewing Closets

Closet office by Liz Marie Design // I really love this crafting space. Perfect for a sometimes crafter/sewer.

Inspiring Small Sewing Closets

Yellow sewing armoire from Weekend Sewing // What’s not to love here?

Inspiring Sewing Closets

Sewing closet by Sadie + Stella // Another great use of a closet. 

Sewing Closets

The “perfect craft cabinet” by Better Homes and Gardens // Another repurposed armoire.

Inspiring Small Sewing Spaces

Rainbow inspired room by Hey Let’s Make Stuff // This space is almost too pretty and orderly to use!

Highly functional sewing space

Highly functional sewing corner by Milky Beer // You can tell a busy sewer works here!

Inspiring Small Sewing Spaces

Tiny sewing cabinet featured on Simply Grove // Tiny secretary desk is a great way to hide a sewing machine.

Inspiring Small Sewing Spaces

Red sewing desk by 36th Avenue

Inspiring Small Sewing Spaces

Handmade folding sewing table by Being Brook // Learn how she made this great desk!

Inspiring Small Sewing Closets

Craft closet by Gwenny Penny

Inspiring Work Spaces

Shared workspace by Nouvelle // Great shared workspace idea!


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