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Top 5 ways to stay sane vacationing with kids

We just spent 2 weeks on vacation in Northwest Washington with the kids. I know what you're thinking, vacation and kids is an oxymoron. You might be right. Fortunately for you I have 5 tips to help you stay sane during your vacation.

5. Vacation with relatives or other people who are more than happy to play with your kids so you can do fun things like sew. Which brings me to…

4. Always make sure you have a sewing machine on hand during vacation.
(that's my totally awesome friend modeling an upcoming pattern for me! I sewed it while on vacation, clearly) 
(This one I made for my neice. She's so wonderful to put up with her crazy aunt! She's too old for ruffles, in case you wanted to know. The dress has since been de-ruffled.)

3. Eat s'mores. 

2. Beg those people mentioned in #1 to watch your kids so you can go out and catch a movie or eat a quiet dinner at a restaurant. You'll enjoy being able to read the whole menu, eat slowly and not rush out the second the check is paid. 

Bellingham vacation-0153

1. Play outside the whole time you aren't sewing. Unless, of course, you skipped #4.
Bellingham vacation-9358

Bellingham vacation-9947 

Bellingham vacation-9696

Bellingham vacation-0185

Bellingham vacation-0161

(you should also eat fresh crab)



Notice those two Go To Signature Dresses??

More importantly: Take healthy kids and keep them healthy while you are there!!Whiny, sick kids are not that enjoyable to be around. Though they do tend to be snuggly, which I like.

This trip I took along Culturelle Kids. These probiotics boost digestive health which in turn has a positive impact on overall health and immunity and provides ongoing maintenance for a healthy digestive tract. Yay! I didn't know this before, but 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract so a
KidsPacketshealthy and balanced digestive system plays a vital role in strengthening your child’s overall health and well being. And, according to Culturelle Kids, it is trusted by parents and pediatricians. In fact, our pediatrician recommends we give the kids probiotics.

We had the Kids Packets (under 6 years) and the Kids Chewables (6+ years). Both super easy to take. For the Kids Packets just stir the powder into a drink.  Easy peasy!

So what are your vacation tips with kids?

Small Print: I was compensated for writing about Culturelle Kids. Just a perk of blogging! The top 5 list is all mine =)


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