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How to sew exposed seams

How to sew an exposed seam

Sewing a seam so there are raw edges on the outside of your tee (or knit pants) is so easy and adds an element of style that is great for certain types of garments. I’ve seen more exposed seams in stores and I really enjoy the look! I made another pair of Go To Knit pants and made exposed seams on the outside leg seam. I love the look! It is easy to sew exposed seams, as you’ll see below.


  1. (optional) Serge edges.
  2. Lay knit fabric wrong sides together.
  3. Sew seam.
  4. Press seam allowance open.
  5. Stitch equally on each side of the seam.

exposed seam

Some exposed seams I love…

Exposed seam allowances

sew country chick / sewing mama raeanna / sew a straight line


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