Top 6 Reasons Not to do Elf on the Shelf

Haven’t started the Elf on the Shelf tradition yet? Something just doesn’t feel right about it? You’re not alone. Parents are running away from this new holiday tradition in droves. You can read article after article about all the fun ways to use the elf but there’s an increasing number of people speaking out against this little guy. I’ve rounded up my favorite reasons NOT to do Elf on the Shelf. Top 6 reasons NOT to do Elf on the Shelf

Top 6 reasons NOT to do Elf on the Shelf

1. It’s better to teach positive life lessons

A new way to use Elf on the Shelf Tired of all the hard work and just want a fun experience that teaches your kids a great lesson? Check out Trust Me I’m a Mom to read how her grandmother inspired her.

2. He’s Creepy

Great reasons to never do Elf on a Shelf. White House Black Shutters has some great reasons for not doing Elf on a Shelf. (I’m totally with her on this one)

3. Who has time for that?

People I Want To Punch in the Face has some very strong thought on the Elf on the Shelf tradition.

4. The Elf is an orwellian spy. Of course.

This article on Salon has some strong feelings about how the spying elf is not a good lesson.

5. He’s a bully.

Who wants a bully in their house?  Funny is family has some strong feelings about that.

6. He may actually ruin Christmas.

Nobody wants that. See how this one ruined this poor little girl’s Christmas.

*As a side note, we don’t do Elf on the Shelf in our house but that’s mainly because we don’t celebrate Santa so it wouldn’t make any sense. Each family should make the decision about what’s right for them. No need to get testy about what others do or do not do.


  1. unimpressed says

    This is the worst thing I have ever read on the internet. It is not ruining anything if you keep the tricks cute and lighthearted. And it is ultimately up to the parent whether they ruin it for their child or not. Thouroughly unimpressed. Grow down parents. Its cute. Not an issue.

  2. amanda says

    This is pathetic ! Kids enjoy waking up to the elf on the shelf every morning. Whoever agrees with this is ridiculous.

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