Gluten Free Breakfast Options

DELICIOUS! 8 gluten free breakfasts you'll love!

So you’re gluten free and missing your old breakfast habits? The good news is if you want to substitute gluten free for your old standby meal there are great substitutions! You can once again enjoy pancakes, waffles and other savory and sweet breakfast meals!  Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something


pattern anthology

The final day to get 40% off the Pattern Anthology 8 Days a Week sewing pattern collection is today! Run over to Pattern Anthology to get your copy! Here’s what you get: These patterns will truly help you fill your handmade wardrobe! Pants, skirts, dresses, tops, tees, jackets! This has it all! I’ll be posting

Prom Dress Refashion Ideas

prom dress refashion ideas

Have you ever wanted to make something you’d wear out of your old prom dress? Or what about those Bridesmaid dresses sitting in your closet? These ladies took on the challenge and made something they’d wear, reviving and refashioning something that nobody wanted! Check out these prom dress refashions. Prom Dress Refashion Ideas Buttons &

Super simple sewing projects for beginners

super simple sewing projects for beginners

New to sewing? Try these super easy sewing projects! You’ll love all these simple sewing projects for beginners! 1. 10 minute burp cloth tutorial tutorial by Amy Planjian 2. Simple t-shirt tunic tutorial by Merrick’s Art 3. Scented sachets tutorial on Martha Stewart 4. Cloth napkins Tutorial on Go To Sew  5. Simple envelope pillows tutorial by

Legos + Cords = Perfect

Legos as cord keepers!

Who knew?? This is such a fun hack for keeping your cords. A fun Sugru user (Andreas in Germany) shared this awesome idea with Sugru who is now sharing with us. Use your little Lego guys to hold your phone and computer cords while you aren’t using them! Supplies: Sugru Air-curing Rubber Lego Mini Figures (affiliate

How to make the perfect ponytail

Lovely ponytail tutorials

There are so many cute ways to make a ponytail more exciting. Here are 5 ways to get out of the ponytail rut and create the perfect ponytail. 1. French braid ponytail Via Missy Sue 2. VMA Ponytail via The Beauty Department 3. BOHO side pony via ModCloth 4. 1950′s inspired pnytail Via The Beauty

8 More Handmade Outfits to Make

great handmade outfit

Here it is! Day 3′s handmade outfit! I’m still stuck on View C of these pants. See the first and second pairs here. But this time I mixed it up with some stretch twill. These are NOT knit pants! What?  I recommend going up a size if you’re on the upper end of a size

What Does the Fox Say? Fox Costume Tutorials

Fox costume tutorials

Be a fox for Halloween! I’ve found 10 of the cutest fox costume tutorials you’ll love. 1. Adult fox romper 2. Tricky Fox tutorial by Running With Scissors 3. DIY no sew fox tail tutorial by BITS 4. Tulle fox tail tutorial 5. Simple DIY fox tutorial by The Paper Mama 6. Sly fox crochet

How to sew a yoga style waistband – Day 2

how to make a yoga waistband

Hello! I’m back with more fun ways to make your Go To Knit Pants! Today I made them with a yoga style waistband. The pattern instructions are for a sewn in elastic waistband but making it yoga style with no elastic is really easy. As you can see, I used the exposed seam hack on

Gluten Free Cooking on a Budget

Gluten free cooking on a budget

If you’ve switched to eating gluten free you’ve probably discovered that trying to eat like you did before is EXPENSIVE. Processed gluten free foods cost at least twice, if not three to five times the cost of their gluten laden counterparts. Whether you’ve got someone in your family with Celiac Disease or you’re just avoiding gluten

How to sew exposed seams

How to sew an exposed seam

Sewing a seam so there are raw edges on the outside of your tee (or knit pants) is so easy and adds an element of style that is great for certain types of garments. I’ve seen more exposed seams in stores and I really enjoy the look! I made another pair of Go To Knit

$30 DIY Crocheted Wedding Dress

DIY crocheted wedding dress

There are some DIY projects you see and think, “Oh, that’s actually really nice!” And then there are some you see and your jaw drops in amazement. Well Reddit user alkikat takes the award for out DIYing everyone else this year. She crocheted her own wedding dress on her morning commute. And it’s simply gorgeous. Did