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Cleaning Hacks for the Neat Freak

Cleaning hacks for neat freaks!

Ready to get things REALLY clean? You’ll love these tricks for the neat freak!

1. Binder clip = sponge stand

Keeps it dry, instead of wet and gross.  Via Real Simple

Cleaning tips for the neat freak

2. Microwave your sponge

Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Be careful, it will be hot! This kills most of the germs and bacteria growing on it.  Cleaning tips for the neat freak

3. Clean your washing machine

Wash your clothes in a machine that isn’t dirty. Seems intuitive but have you washed yours?? Via Somewhat Simple.

How to clean your washing machine

4. Clean your toaster

Cleaning a toaster is easy. Don’t throw them out just because they’re cheap! Clean them.  Via A Real Housewife.Cleaning tips for the neat freak

5. Clean your sink’s drain

The little rubber part on the sink gets absolutely disgusting. So you can just imagine what’s below. Shudder. It’s time to clean it. Instructions via Apartment Therapy.Cleaning tips for the neat freak

6. Dust then vacuum

Intuitive? Probably. Via The Homemaking Arts.

Dust THEN Vaccum

7. Use a microfiber cloth to clean off lightbulbs

Tip via Martha Stewart

How to clean a lightbulb

8. Rub wax paper on your faucets to prevent water spots

After cleaning, give your faucet a once over with wax paper to prevent future water spots. Via Creekline House.

One magical tip to keep your faucets spot free!

9. Clean your toilet in 3 minutes

Get a REALLY clean toilet by doing it the right way! This is a good one to show the kids. 

10. Get rid of household odors with vanilla

Tip via Life HackerGet rid of household odors with vanilla

11. Use salt to clean

Whether you’re cleaning cast iron, a wine stain or your sink, you’ll want to see how salt can help you! Watch this video.

12. Use a sock to clean your blinds

Skip the feather duster that just spreads dust around! Tip via Keep Home SimpleHow to REALLY clean your blinds

13. Use lemon Kool-Aid to clean your dishwasher

Real Simple has a great video showing us how to use lemon Kool-Aid to clean lime stains out of your dishwasher.

Clean your dishwasher with this simple trick


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  1. says

    Brilliant cleaning tips! I never new about all of them. I love to have everything in my home perfectly cleaned and shining. I will try this cleaning suggestions for sure!!

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