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Limit your kid’s screen time without whining or complaining


My kids haven’t been watching much TV lately but they play a lot of games on the ipad or their old leapsters. Right now they’re really into playing Life on the ipad. That was one of my favorite games as a kid, so I get it. Fun game. But is it so great that you should play it two hours a day? No, not really.

If you’re like me you may want to limit your child’s screen time (ipad, video games, TV, etc). You could just use a timer and a set amount of time each day or you could do something a bit more fun.


Enter the Screen Time Express tickets. Earn these by completing your daily tasks without whining or complaining (see the free printable chore chart). How you use them is up to you! Hand them out daily or weekly. Give as many as you like. As long as you’re consistent with enforcing no screen time when they run out of tickets this system will work well!


Laminate them if you want or just print and cut. There’s a place for a name so you can be sure they aren’t being traded as a commodity. Unless you’re fine with that!

Do you have kids that complain they’re bored and don’t know what to do? Post a list of ideas! Often they just need a little reminding of all the great things they CAN do instead of playing games or watching TV. Here’s a fun list to get you started:

  1. artwork
  2. write a story
  3. play a board game
  4. make a fort
  5. ride a bike
  6. make an obstacle course
  7. clean your room
  8. make something for someone
  9. build something with supplies from the recycle bin
  10. read a book
  11. quiz yourself with flashcards
  12. learn something new
  13. play with toys
  14. hunt for bugs
  15. act out a story
  16. build a scupture with clay
  17. help a neighbor
  18. build with legos
  19. cook something
  20. make a map

There are so many great things to do! I’m sure if you sat down with your kid(s) to brainstorm they could come up with 100 possible fun things they like to do!

Download media time tickets

How do you limit screen time at your house?


  1. says

    Great post! We do all those things on the list :) My kids don’t have any gadgets yet so its not all that difficult to get them away from the TV, in fact my son will usually turn it off because he thinks it is boring!

  2. says

    I don’t have this problem because I am way to cheap to buy my kids any electronics but they are obsessed with the Brady Bunch reruns on TV right now. They can watch like 5 episodes back to back if I let them. I just turn it off and if they turn it back on I yell at them! Not as much fun as those cute tickets but it works ( sometimes)

  3. Mara says

    Never mind it is something wrong with my printer, I just tried to print something else and it didn’t work, even though I had printed something just before yours, I will try again tomorrow, maybe my printer needs a rest, lol.

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