Make your own case for your glasses or sunglasses

12 cute cases to make for your glasses

It’s time to break out the sunglasses! And what’s cuter than a great pair of sunglasses? A cute case! These DIY glasses cases are perfect for eye glasses or sunglasses. You can learn make your own case with these 12 tutorials that are the absolute cutest I’ve found. 

12 tutorials for cases for your glasses and sunglasses!

  1. “Sunnies” case tutorial from Polkadot Chair
  2. Metal frame case made by Thimble
  3. Vintage Zest sunglasses case tutorial
  4. Button case tutorial  sewn by Maria Stikker
  5. Leather hand sewn case tutorial by Whimsey Box
  6. Leather glasses case tutorial by Caila Made
  7. Gathered sunglasses case tutorial by me
  8. Origami case tutorial by The Professor’s Blog
  9. Pleather bow case tutorial sewn by Tinkerbell’s Workshop
  10. Scalloped sunglasses case by Positively Splendid
  11. Curved frame case tutorial by U-Handbag
  12. Doily case tutorial by Unfortunately oh!

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