Hilarious Moving Sewing Pattern GIFs

Have you seen these funny vintage sewing pattern GIFs? Does anyone know who made them? I’ve seen these two in so many different places I’m not sure what the original source is but whoever made these is a genius.  Vintage patterns and graphics do lend themselves to a little dancing. 

hilarious moving sewing pattern GIFs!

Ok, the girl in the front is really grooving in that killer outfit. But I love the girl in the back just bobbing her head!

Funny sewing pattern GIFs you want to see!

What type of music is this girl listening to??


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  1. Annie Andrew says

    I actually made the black outfit in the top pattern back in 1969 and rocked away many nights. I loved it but then I was only 25!

  2. Michelle Davidson says

    The second pattern girl is definitely dancing with a broken wrist. I can’t believe it hasn’t fallen off yet!!! Lol. A lil sick humor, sorry!!!

  3. Kathy Houston says

    That’s Hilarious. I needed a laugh! I’m sitting here in the Dr’s office in front of the hospital that my mom passed away at this past April & it’s the first time I’ve been here since she passed away. Thanks for the laugh & Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Mark Satola says

    To answer your question in re: gif #2, she is clearly dancing a Charleston. Those ‘doo-wacka-doo-wacka-doo” steps are unmistakable.

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