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Gold baby booties with heart cutouts

sew a pair of booties!

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I sewed a pair of adorable gold baby booties ! Look at these lovely gold cuties. These baby booties have heart cut outs in the front and lace up. These literally take 5-10 minutes to sew. I even sewed a couple pairs by hand. It takes longer to decide on what leather you want to use.

DIY leather booties by

Notice they even have a cutout for the laces to thread through the tongue to keep it in place!



1. Cut bootie pieces.

Cut these out with Cricut Explore™ machine. Use the heavy duty mat and the deep cut blade. I also used a repositionable spray adhesive to secure the leather to the mat even better. The pattern may become available in the Design Space soon! Currently you also download it as a PDF for hand cutting. If you plan to hand cut you might search out a leather die cut for the hearts! The pattern piece is for a size 1 bootie. Just print larger for larger sizes! If you will be hand sewing, attach the little round dots on the pattern (around the edges). If you don’t attach them they’ll be cut separate rather than on the same piece.

2. Sew the back piece.

Sew the right side of the back piece with the wrong side of the sole. Use binder clips or clothespins to hold the leather together. Make sure to position the piece so it is even. Sew 1/8″ from edge to secure.

Sew some cute booties!

3. Sew the front/tongue piece.

Line up the right side of the front piece with wrong side of the sole. This piece will overlap the back piece some.  Sew 1/8″ from the edge to secure. 

Sew some cute booties!

4. Turn right side out.

Carefully turn the bootie right side out. Lace them up! Note the slits in the tongue to help secure the laces.

easy to make gold booties!


  1. Donna Joy says

    Yes I love those booties, my first granddaughter is three weeks old, I want to make her a few pairs. What kind of pinch do I need to cut leather cutouts?

  2. nancy Michaud says

    I cannot get the pattern for the shoe. Every time it brings me back to the page that has them done but no pattern…

  3. Bruna says

    Hi! These are super cute! I would like to print the pattern so it fits a foot that measures 4 1/2″ from toe to heel. I’m not sure how to print it out larger so it is that size. Can you please help?


  4. Kathy Scruggs says

    Hi ,folks, the pattern for these shoes is on It’s free, but you do have to join the website, if you’ve never been to this site, there are LOTS of free patterns and designs of all things crafty. Go take a look, it’s fun!

  5. says

    Love these cute booties. Would like to make one pair for myself. Could you recomend me any material for sole?
    Thanx, looking forward new great project :-D

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