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Celebrating Babies! Free Baby Leggings Sewing Pattern

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DaySpring. The opinions and text are all mine.

Let me share a little life tip with you. Keep gifts and cards on hand for all occasions. Seriously, it makes life easier and you’ll never have to show up somewhere without a gift! I like to have sweet baby gifts on hand so I’m never without a gift for a baby baptism or birth. I stocked up last week on some of my favorite types of gifts. To go along with the gifts, I always like to gift something handmade, when possible. Baby leggings are irresistible to me so I whipped up some out of my scallop Idlewild fabric. While I was doing that I redid my free baby leggings pattern for you to download. This free baby leggings sewing pattern is available in 3 sizes and is perfect for the under one year old crowd. baby gift ideas! Along with the baby leggings, I bought this adorable Dayspring teddy bear at Walmart in their Christian Celebrations section. My kids do not want me to give him away. I don’t blame them. It’s really soft and adorable. My kids have a slight obsession with stuffed animals. I don’t know what it is but they hoard them. Most kids tend to collect them and let them sit idly by on their bed while they collect dust. Not my kids. Stuffed animals are like royalty at our house. Every single one of them has a name and is a special friend. But I resisted. This guy is staying in our gift box, ready for the next baby to come along.DIY baby leggings pattern - free pattern download - Don’t forget to go download baby leggings pattern! Adorable baby gifts to give (and make!) So many faith based stores are closing, so if you’re looking to buy Christian themed gifts, make sure you check out the new #ChristianCelebration section at #Walmart. It’s filled with lots of gifts, home decor, cards, pillows, wall decor, mugs, stationary and more. You can check out to find a Walmart store that carries this line. Just look near the card section and you’ll see it. I bought a box of assorted occasion cards as well. There are a couple that are perfect for babies and lots for birthdays, sympathy, thanks, etc. dayspring-cards Adorable baby gifts to give I put the box of cards in our kitchen so anyone can grab one to mail or hand to a friend. The kids love giving cards so it’s fun to have some on hand for them. It’s really amazing how in one generation giving cards has gone from commonplace to something seen as extra special and even old fashioned. dayspring-display We put the cards with our other new things we picked up while we were buying baby gifts. The kids are loving the Jesus Calling flip calendar. It has a great daily devotional for kids. They love reading them during breakfast. And they’re also loving the chalkboard cross. It’s perfect for doodles or writing a favorite verse, if that’s your thing. You can find more Dayspring celebration and decor items at

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Good news! You have a chance to win a prize package of DaySpring product with a retail value of $40.00!

2 Ways To Win: 1. While you’re at your local Walmart, purchase an item in the Christian Celebrations section (near the card aisle) and leave a comment telling us how the product helps you celebrate your faith. Want an extra entry? Post a photo of what you bought on social media and use the hashtags #christiancelebrations #Walmart. Leave another comment letting us know you posted your photo! 2. No Walmart near you? No problem! Leave a comment to let us know what fun ways you like to celebrate your faith through decorations and gifts. One winner will be chosen and notified on September 15, 2016.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DaySpring. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Danita says

    I was raised there is more happiness in giving than receiving and I practice that way of life regularly! This would be a lovely gift for a family member who just had a baby and is “starting out”. Thank you for the opportunity to win the leggings pattern especially!!! :-)

  2. Olya says

    One of the favorite things our family does to celebrate the coming of Christ is Advent Calendar. There are many more options for Advent calendars now, almost 10 years ago, since we had our first son and started using an Advent Calendar. But even now, a lot of them do not tell the story of Jesus’ birth. We wanted something that would teach our kids about why Jesus was born. We still use our diy version. I would have loved to see more Advent calendars that are actually focus on the birth of Christ and tell the story.

  3. Diana says

    I pretty much only decorate for Christmas. But I do love meaningful Christmas decor, like nativity scenes, Christmas-story books, and ornaments that have biblical significance. Sometime I would like to look into celebrating Epiphany (the wise men) and Pentecost as well but my kids aren’t old enough to understand yet.

    Also, I LOOOOOOOOVE your baby leggings pattern! I’ve made it so many times and even graded it larger so I can keep using it :) It’s so easy, and I love it when I can put the outer leg seam on a fold and have two less seams to sew.

  4. Beth T. says

    I practice my faith and share it by sending words of encouragement to those in my circle of family and friends. I appreciate the beautiful cards that are available these days; they make lovely keepsakes.

  5. says

    I don’t necessarily have many decorations that show my faith specific to holidays… All year round I have pictures of Christ displayed in our home and have the typical lights on the house, Christmas tree, etc. but I also love putting on music that reminds me of Christ and what he has done for all of us. It brings a special spirit into our home.

  6. Judith says

    That book you chose l is beautiful! I love to have scripture verses hanging in my house – it keeps our minds focused on the Lord, and I usually have the verse memorized by the time I’m finished making the artwork :)

  7. Karen Addleman says

    I love having the option of sending inspirational cards and gifts to family and friends. I think it makes it more meaningful.

  8. Susan Barlow says

    I, too, was not aware that Walmart now carries the Dayspring line. I will be heading out later today to check it out! I usually use blank cards and write my own prose along with scripture (when I have time) so in a pinch, I like to rely on Dayspring. It will be great to have their gift line available as well.

  9. Rachel Ellars says

    Thank you for sharing. I didn’t know about this line at Walmart. I will have to check it out. I love decorating my home with pictures and verses that are meaningful to me and my family.

  10. zak thomas says

    I always like to give a little book with Bible verses or stories for little one. Love the book you picked out! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Janice says

    I love both sending and receiving cards. Knowing someone cares enough to sit down and write out a message of encouragement and love brings joy to my heart. Thank you, Day Spring, for being more accessible to people at Walmart.

  12. Judith Martinez says

    I love to hang printed out Scripture in beautiful fonts. I also like to make the nativity front and center in our Christmas decor.

  13. Mary Sue says

    When we are in Arkansas, we love to stop at the Day spring office in Siloam Springs. We always leave with many goodies but more importantly, we leave knowing we have left a place which makes God happy.

  14. Donna says

    I also like to buy baby and kid gifts ahead, because you just never know when you’ll need them. Thanks for the leggings pattern! Very cute!

  15. Christa van der Kruk says

    Thank you for the great baby-legging pattern. I was blessed with a new granddaughter 3 weeks ago.
    Love from Holland

    Kind regards

    (hope my English isn’t to bad)

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