Free Baby Go To Leggings Pattern!

I’m celebrating babies today with a FREE Baby Go To Leggings sewing pattern! I’ve extended the sizes of my popular Go To Leggings pattern and I’m offering the baby sizes for free! Yay! 

FREE baby leggings pattern!

Head over HERE to learn how to download this FREE baby leggings pattern!


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  1. Suzan Dixon says

    love the free pattern!
    However I’m confused by the instructions. It shows that you are supposed to sew the out side seams and the inside seam.
    when you do both crotch seams there’s no out side seam to sew. Am I missing something?
    I cut the pattern and started out with two like pieces.


  2. Tiffany says


    I was wondering the same thing. Also, the picture doesn’t show the stitching example, like the other three pictures do. I was wondering myself if I am to sew the outside seams since they are already connected as one piece.

    Hope to get a reply soon!

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