Felt ornament inspiration

Pinterest has again sparked my interest in making Christmas ornaments with the kids this year. Have you seen all the fabulous inspiration there? I've got a Christmas board going and it makes me want to take a few days off of the rest of life and make some ornaments with the girls.

I actually made one like this.


Super easy. The problem was I made it out of craft felt (off the bolt at JoAnn's). It's not that sturdy and looks rather unimpressive.

When I have a question google can't answer I ask on twitter, naturally. So last week I asked where you all buy your felt. Not many answers but a lot of people saying "I want to know too!" Dana from MADE posted where she got her felt but I tend to disagree. JoAnn Fabrics never has a good selection of wool blend felt where I live. They have some burgandy, mustard and a few greens but not much else. Tons of accrylic felt but I was looking for something a little nicer.

So I turned to Etsy. Of course. Oh my the colors you can find when you type "wool felt" into the search box! 

Look what already came in the mail!!

Messenger bag-4616
Thanks so much Felt Flavors! Amazing service and a little extra felt too! Now I can make these!


Oh, and how cute are these? The kids would love making these!!

Source: parents.com via Andrea on Pinterest


So, where do you buy your felt? And will you be making ornaments this year?


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    I have been wondering about felt too! Hancock’s is the only fabric store near me (booooo hissss) and their felt is terrible! Keep me posted on what you find out! I want to make felt flowers. And those little men ornaments! so cute!

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    I LOVE felt. I buy mine at a local wool shop and a couple other fabric boutiques close by. I will be making ornaments this year. I have a goal of making each of my kids a new ornament each year. Then when they’re grown and leave the house they’ll have enough ornaments to get their own tree started :).
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’d love to see how your “Super Eddie” turns out :). Leave me a link to check it out if you have time. Have a beautiful day!

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