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Creative Home Office Reveal

I work a lot of hours in my home office. Between working on the computer and creating new sewing patterns and DIY projects, the office is the place I can most often be found during the day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t organized well. I had a great space and I didn’t want to be in it. You can get a glimpse of it on instagram, though I never photographed the super messy, overcrowded corners. I considered taking more “before” photos for dramatic effect but I couldn’t bring myself to even photograph it. But that doesn’t really matter because I love the finished product so much. This creative home office is a craft room, sewing room, photography studio and computer work station all in one without being crowded.

Welcome to my office.creative home office - craft room - sewing room -

The pegboard isn’t new. I repainted it and reorganized the supplies on it. I couldn’t be more pleased. I had never fully taken advantage of both the aesthetic and organizational benefits of a pegboard. 

My new home office reveal is coinciding with Angie’s Craft Room Tours. So if you’re looking for inspiration, make sure you check out all the great craft rooms.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

That little couch was in here before but was crowded next to a large cabinet that was full of non-work related supplies and storage. I removed that cabinet and it made me so happy. Having an office completely dedicated to my creative work helps me stay focused during the day. 

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

The pillows and floor pouf are from World Market, as is the rug and the bookshelf. I use the shelf to store my photo props and additional sewing machines, office supplies and my Cricut. It’s a much more open and cheerful corner now.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

My desk is where I spend most of the day. I love facing out the window. I like to keep my desk pretty clutter free. Just my computer, screen, calendar, Days of The Week Sticky Notes and some pens. I’m one of those unfortunate cluttery people who hates clutter so keeping things off the desk is always a challenge but I do fairly well.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

This honeycomb wall storage is my new favorite. I got it at World Market as well. It just perfectly fits all my serger thread cones. I have just a few.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

The record player keeps me company during the day.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

The gold baby booties. Since there are no more babies in our house I just keep these on the shelf to make me smile. 

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

These Branch & Twig Assorted Colored Pencils were an impulse buy. They’re so fun though, how could I resist?creative home office - craft room - sewing room -

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

All my supplies at my fingertips. Paints, buttons, tape, thread, tools, scissors, glues, thread, zippers, yarn, string, and my GorillaPod smartphone tripod. 

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

Having live plants in an office makes a big difference. To me, anyway. The trick is to keep them alive! I have my sewing machine and serger on my desk and an open space for creating or for the kids to hang out and work with me.creative home office - craft room - sewing room -

Behind that door is all my fabric. Ok, not all of it. There is a lot in the basement as well. It’s where I also hide my ironing board and my photo lights.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

My main machine is a Pfaff Creative 2.0. I absolutely adore this machine. If you’ve never used one, the difference between this machine and a cheap machine is like the difference between cutting a watermelon with a dull knife and one of those super sharp knives that cuts through the rind like butter. It’s super expensive, however, so I do have a great budget machine recommendation for you. Keep reading.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

My serger is the Babylock Enlighten. Run, don’t walk, to get one. If you want a serger, or have a cheap serger then I suggest saving up for this one. 

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

I also have a Baby Lock cover stitch machine. I don’t use it as frequently so keeping it on this shelf makes it both accessible and out of the way. 

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

Back to my favorite budget sewing machine. The Brother CS6000i is ideal for newbies, kids and those on a budget. I wrote more about it here. The plastic woven bin is from See Jane Work.

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

creative home office - craft room - sewing room  -

creative home office - craft room - sewing room -

The magnetic spice containers that I keep my buttons in is from Ikea, along with the buck system. The thread rack is from JoAnn. You can get a similar thread rack here.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! I’d love to hear about your home office/craft room if you have one!


  1. Lorena says

    I am so inspired….painting the pegboard to contrast or sync with the wall is a wonderful approach to personalize your space. The peg board offers alot of organization options. Where did you purchase the shelves for the peg board?

    • says

      Hi Lorena,
      I bought regular floating shelves and just screwed them into the pegboard. Before I used a shelf and pegboard shelf hooks but I like the look for the floating shelf better.

  2. Carrie says

    This is so inspiring. I have to go buy some pegboard!! Are your cutting mats hanging? If so, how?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Yes! My cutting mats have a hole in them so I just hang them on an “L” hook. I know some mats don’t have a hole but maybe you could punch one?

  3. says

    Wow, it’s awesome! I share my office with my husband and a million books, so this is a dream space for me (which I’ll never have, but I can dream!). It’s fabulous!

  4. Mara says

    I love your space and finally found a term for myself a cluttery person who doesn’t like clutter, lol, that is so me, gad. The honeycomb shelf is so special along with your pegboard wall, it does look so much better in it’s new color :)

  5. Carol says

    I just love your room. I should organize mine better and you gave me lots of ideas. My window is about 4.5 feet up the wall, so I get no view. Maybe I will switch rooms with my husband. His man room has a lower window and nice view.

  6. Vanessa says

    By far your craft room caught my eye. You are so organize and I love your yellow chair. Is that chair a new piece or vintage? I’m looking for a chair style just like your. Enjoyed visiting your lovely blog.

  7. Adrian says

    Hi Andrea,
    Beautiful work! I’m on my way to re-designing my bedroom slash office. It is an extended project due to all the cleanup and clean out I’m doing! But my plans are coming along and my imagination is growing so it will be mega fun eventually. You mentioned that you painted your pegboard so I wondered if you could share the exact color? I’m pretty sold on my Benjamin Moore pick Graytint for walls but that’s just based on a swatch so far. Your pegboard is what I’m looking for!
    Thank goodness for people like you who share ideas for those who follow.

  8. says

    Very pretty! Where do you stash the fabric? Love the honeycomb, but would hate when the thread gets dusty. I keep mine in large totes….not pretty, but not dusty either.

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