Best Online Knit Fabric Sources

One of the most common questions I get currently is “Where can I buy good knit fabric online?” Fortunately for you I know many of the best places to buy knit fabric!

Great resource! Where to buy knit fabric online.

Best online sources for knit fabric:

Kitschy CooWide variety of novelty knits – high quality- shipped from the U.K.— Wide variety of cotton and synthetic knits. You can find the new designer knits here.

The Fabric Fairy— Great variety including fun prints for kids. Ships from the U.S. worldwide.

Fashion Fabrics Club— Lots of knit fabrics in adult prints. I’ve never purchased from here but it has been recommended. They ship from the U.S. to a short list of other countries.

Chez Ami— Great quality knits. Fun prints and stripes for children. I’ve purchased many fabrics from here and they stand the test of time. U.S. based but ship internationally.

Girl Charlie Fabrics— Loads of great knits for kids and adults. Very large section of cotton knit jersey. Ships from the U.S. internationally.

Harts Fabrics— Great selection of adult knit fashion fabrics. Ships from the U.S. to Canada, U.K. and Australia and U.S. Armed Forces.

Etsy— There are numerous shops selling all types of knit fabrics on etsy. Just do a search for knit fabric and you’ll have thousands of options from shops around the world.

Michael Levine— I love this store in person and online. It’s a discounter so if you see it and like it get it while you can because quantities are limited. They get their fabric as leftovers from designers.

Spoonflower— Create your own fabric or buy one someone else designed. So many fun designs here.

Reader Suggestions:

Banburry Place— Ships from the U.S.

Kids Fabric— Ships from Canada

Sewzanne’s— Ships from the U.S. This is where I buy my Ottobre magazines too.

Sew Baby— Ships from the U.S.

Nature’s Fabric— Ships from the U.S.

Print Knit Studio— Ships from the U.S.

So tell me, where do you buy knit fabrics? Especially those of you outside the U.S. Now that you know where to buy knit fabric go pick up your Go To Signature Dress pattern, Anywhere Dress, Belinda Dress or Go To Leggings! Or download the Go To Baby Leggings FREE!

You CAN sew knits with a sewing machine! An easy guide to choosing the right stitch.

The best knit maxi skirt tutorial!

Sewing Fabric of All Kinds for sale! Check Now!


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  1. says

    Thanks SOOOO much for this – I have recently got into sewing with knits and we here in NZ have few options when it comes to cute prints. Thanks to you I just dropped NZD $50 at Ixat – and I can’t wait for my new stash to arrive – will have to check out that dress pattern too :) Jenny

  2. says

    Once I got your pattern I started looking for sources of good quality knits. After your post on facebook I tried Girl Charlee and I LOVE that shop! I also found Banberry Place, it’s a great source as well!

  3. Karen says

    Thanks for the great info! There were a couple I hadn’t heard of. I have also found Banberry Place to be great as well, with excellent customer service.

  4. says

    What does it say about me that I’ve ordered multiple times from each of those?!
    Others I like: Banberry Place, Sewbaby, Cherry Bomb Fabric, Sewzanne, Nature’s Fabric, Kids Fabrics (ships from Canada, but good selection of ribbing), and Print Knits Studio.

  5. says

    I love all of these places! I have shopped Fashion Fabrics Club, and while they do have cute knits for kids and adults, the quality is VERY variable. I’ve had some surprises shopping there. Not always bad, but if you are looking for something specific, swatch first or be prepared to use your fabric for a different project.

  6. says

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