25 Days of Giving Kick-Off

 25 Days button Can you believe it is December 1st? Are you ready to prepare your hearts, minds and children for Christmas? I am pumped up this year and I hope you are too. 

Just joining us? We are starting the 25 Days of Giving, which is a daily celebration of giving of ourselves. We are taking advantage of the days leading up to the celebration of Jesus to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas. Tired of your children opening their Christmas presents and then asking if there are more? Frustrated that your children think Christmas is Santa's birthday? It isn't too late to jump on this train! I've written some helpful posts to get you started. 

What is the 25 Days of Giving?

What are some free (or nearly free) activities we can do?

What are some ways we can use our money and resources to give in a way that children understand?

The holidays stress you out? Worried that this will take too much time to organize or will feel unnatural?  Here is a list of 25 activities for you! Just print them out and chose one a day!

Is life hectic for you right now? New baby in the house, 17 house guests? You don't need to do this every day if that doesn't work with your life right now. Last year I had a one month old baby and believe me, there were more than a few days we didn't stick to our schedule and that is okay! This isn't about adding another thing to your "to do list." 

I've heard from nearly a dozen of you that you will be joining us this year and that is so exciting! I'd love to hear more about your ideas!

How are you planning to introduce this to your family?

How are you connecting the idea of giving to Christmas?

Do you plan to document your 25 Days of Giving? We'd love to read about it! 

And finally, there will be a giveaway again this year. The winner will be among those of you who join us on this journey, whether it be for just a handful of days or the full 25 days. Hint: make sure to let me know you are joining us! Once again, this will not be a traditional giveaway but you'll just have to wait to find out what it is!


  1. Shanea says

    I am so excited to start my first 25 Days of Giving.I have tried to include some big, some little, some free and some costly to the mix. I am trying to be very purposeful, so my first day was giving a gift to myself: some me time to get my mind prepared for the month ahead.

  2. says

    I printed out your list of ideas when you first posted them. I don’t have an activity planned for every day, but I am still trying to make this advent time special and meaningful (as in the REAL meaning of Christmas). Thanks for the jump start! I’ll try to post some of our activities at some point, but I’ve made blogging less of a priority to focus more on…well, our activities.

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