Day 1 is about to begin!

The 25 Days of Giving is just around the corner? 25 Days button  Can you believe tomorrow is Day One? Are you excited? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the official kick off of the 25 Days of Giving! 

Still trying to decide if you want to participate? It doesn't need to be difficult. This shouldn't be just one more thing that makes you dread Christmas! This should be natural and fun. Just Mothering Through has posted her 25 activities and it really shows how natural this can be. Don't stress about how this is expensive or time consuming. The point is to focus on God's gift to us by learning how to give of ourselves during this season. Our culture has told us is all about focusing on yourself and what you want. This is about focusing on what it is really about.

Still not convinced? Still stressed? Just print out this easy and almost free list of activities. {If you are reading this in a reader you will need to click through to see the list} Make a chain or put them in a jar to do one each day. There, how easy was that? 

25 Days of Giving

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow!! Are you joining us? Feel free to use the button above!


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    We are excited! We have at least 12 moms participating in this project, and everyone is cross posting on Facebook. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I love this idea! I don’t have kids yet, but that doesn’t mean my husband and I can’t do this! It’s so hard because we travel so much during Christmas!

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