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137 lemons

Lemon picking 129
We have a large lemon tree. It produces an insane amount of lemons.

Lemon picking 128
We picked a few yesterday. There are plenty more left on the tree.

What would you do with all these lemons?


  1. says

    Is it beyond irritating to say “when life hands you lemons…”?
    Seriously, I’d be making vast quantities of lemon curd for everyone I knew (plus plenty leftover for lemon meringue pie). If you have freezer space, lemon sorbet or ice cream would be yummy. Or preserved lemons. Or lemon drizzle cake.
    Can you tell I like lemons?

  2. says

    Wow, we have a lemon tree and an orange tree in our back yard. We just moved here in December so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We picked all the oranges a few months ago because they were definitely ready, but our lemons were so small, I’m thinking we should have waited to pick them, I keep seeing people posting about picking lemons. Next year we’ll wait :)
    If I had all of those lemons, I would definitely juice some and freeze it in ice trays for future use.

  3. says

    wow-that’s awesome!
    i’m sure you can make lots of fun food and drinks, but the kids could sell them to the neighbors too for some spending $ :)
    i’d love to have a lemon tree someday- any tips?

  4. Liz J. says

    YUMMY! The kids and I made fresh lemonade the other day and I think we would make that again! Also lemon muffins, poundcake, pie….I love to bake! I gained 20 pounds just thinking about it!

  5. Leah says

    Jar lemon curd. Great for Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts, anything! And once they are canned, they can be stored anywhere. I would also make lemon bars, Pioneer Woman’s baked lemon pasta, put lemon in my water, and I dunno. Decorate? Put them in vases, hurricanes, etc. Fun!

  6. says

    my parents also have a lemon tree that produces lemons almost year round, 9 months out of the year! They give a lot of them away, pack’em in bags and sort handing them out to everyone they know.
    My dad tried to kill the try a few years back, cut it down to nothing! It actually grew back even bigger! Good luck!

  7. says

    Squeeze and freeze! :) But I live in the Pacific North West and spend an insane amount of dollars on lemmons! So I buy the big Costco bag, juice the lemon and freeze in ice cube trays…then I use the cubes in smoothies, for cooking, and whatever else I need lemons for!

  8. says

    wow… that is a serious amount of lemons… what a great picture too… i’d def make lemonade…. and i heard recently that you can clean with lemons… cut it in half sprinkle baking soda on your bath tub and scrub away!!
    I’d also make some lemon bars!!

  9. says

    Wow! Our 25 year old lemon tree up and died. I re-planted a Meyer lemon tree but have only gotten 3 lemons from it so far. Guess I need to wait a few years, or decades.

  10. says

    sorry, it’s me again.
    I failed to explain… I have hardest time drinking regular tap water. However, if I use a fresh lemon to flavor it – no problem! Buying lemons is expensive, so I have to buy bottled water (which can also get expensive). Also, here, in the south, they drink lots of iced tea. I love iced tea with lemon!
    My Dad had a similar problem with cucumbers one summer. He couldn’t give away enough, they kept coming back. Finally, he approached a local restaurant, and believe it or not sold cucumbers to them.

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