FREE Skirt Pattern for Girls

Free girl's skirt pattern! Download today!

For a very limited time you can download the Boardwalk Skirt for free. That’s right, totally free. Get it now while I’m feeling generous! This free skirt pattern is great for beginners. There are a few simple options in the pattern (elastic waist, drawstring waist) so you can customize you your preference.   This fun, carefree

21 Fabulous Freezer Meals

21 moth watering freezer meals! YUM

“Hey, Mom, what’s for dinner?”  It’s a question that all moms know, and many dread, but a great freezer meal can save the day in the middle of a busy week!  Some of these recipes are cooked completely and then frozen for a rainy day, and some are mixed together and placed aside for baking

Spring Nail Art Tutorials

25 gorgeous spring inspired nail tutorials

Are you SO ready for Spring? I sure am. Time to rip off those mittens and soak in some sunshine! Speaking of…don’t you think your nails could use a little Spring-ifying?  The experts are saying nude polish is a major fashion trend for Spring 2015. I love a perfect nude nail. It’s a classic! But to me, Spring

24 Unusual and Amazing Knitting Projects

24 times knitters proved they're awesome

Apparently, there are no limits to what can be knitted or crocheted–entire playgrounds and even boyfriends! These amazing knitting and crochet projects will inspire you to pick up those needles and start making something. Because we all know knitters are awesome. 1. Crocheted Playgrounds   2. Knitted Punk 3. Crocheted Motorcycle    4. Knitted Gear Shift Cover 5. Piano Cover   6. Hyperbolic

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Gluten Free chicken nuggets recipe

Eating gluten free doesn’t mean kids can’t have their favorite foods. I don’t really understand the love of chicken nuggets but my kids sure do so I make them on occasion. They’re really easy and everyone likes them. This gluten free chicken nuggets recipe has a few variations so you can get your nuggets just

Healthy-ish Fudge – No Sugar Added

Simple and healthy fudge recipe!

Are you ready to make some easy, healthy-ish fudge without sugar or sweetened condensed milk? This recipe is not for the fudge purists. It’s sweetened with banana and honey so it definitely has a chocolatey banana taste. All real food ingredients make this fudge heathy-ish.

How To Make Amazing Pasta

Amazing pasta recipe

You’ve been making pasta the way the box tells you. It’s not wrong, but it’s just not right. This method takes a minute longer and is so very worth it. With just a few more ingredients you’ve got pasta you’ll actually look forward to!  

The Easiest Way To Put On A Duvet Cover

Put a duvet inside a duvet cover in under a minute!

I absolutely hate putting a duvet inside a duvet cover. It’s frustrating and time consuming. Then I found this method by the Crazy Russian Hacker. It’s amazing! Learn how to put on a duvet cover in under a minute! Just lay your duvet cover and duvet out flat on your bed to do this if