Win 4 Women’s Sewing Patterns

women's sewing patterns

It’s time for Pattern Anthology to release another collection! We’ll be announcing the details very soon! Make sure you’re on our mailing list so you don’t miss it! But while you wait, enter for a chance to win the Just Add Jeans collection! This is a quick giveaway!  Enter here to win!  

5 Disgusting Things You Forget To Clean!

YUCK! Do you forget to clean these 5 things? Go clean them right now!

Eww, gross. 5 things you forget to cleaning but really should! Get to work! We often forget the every day little things! Don’t let the disgusting bacteria and germs build up and spread! 1.Hairbrushes and combs. Learn how at The Beauty Department. But wait! Wiki How will take it a step further to get them really clean. 2. Your

Harry Potter Costume Tutorials

10 DIY Harry Potter costume tutorials - men, women, girls, boys, dogs & props!

Start your DIY Harry Potter costumes now! Check out these tutorials for all levels of skill. Make a couples costume, dog costume, boy costume or girl costume! DIY Harry Potter costume tutorials for the whole family! DIY Harry Potter Costume Tutorials: 1. 15 minute simple Harry Potter Wizard Robe. tutorial by Pieces by Polly   2.

10 Mexican One Pot Meals

Mexican inspired one pot meals!

Busy families need simple, healthy meals. These Mexican one pot meals are perfect! Easy to make and easy to clean up!  Mexican one pot meals: 1. One pan chicken burrito on No. 2 Pencil. 2. Spicy blackened shrimp skillet nachos on Mom on Time Out. 3. Skillet enchilada casserole on Miss Information. 4. Beef taco lasagna recipe on Taste

Learn how to design fabric for free!

Learn how to design fabric for FREE!

You love fabric but you just can’t find the ONE you’re looking for? You’ve heard there are places you can print your own fabric so you’re ready to get started! I’ve gathered tons of online resources to take you from design to completion. You’ll be designing your own fabric and maybe even on your way

10 ways to repurpose a t-shirt


Don’t throw away your old t-shirts! You can always use them for something! Repurpose, upcycle, reuse! Here are 1o ways (and more tutorials) for how to repurpose a t-shirt. Most of these are no-sew but there are some great sewing options as well! 1. Make a grocery bag.  Produce bag tutorial by Delia Creates. grocery bag tutorial

Disney princess hair tutorials

9 Disney princess hair tutorials

Are you ready to dress up your little princess for Halloween? You can make her hair authentic with these fabulous video tutorials from Disney. I’ve chosen some of the most popular Disney princess hair tutorials I know you’ll love! And don’t forget the dress! Disney princess hair tutorials: 1. Belle’s Hair (Beauty & the Beast)

Gorgeous pillow tutorials

10 gorgeous pillow tutorials

One of the easiest ways to make a big decorating impact in a room is to add pillows! I’ve found 10 gorgeous pillow tutorials you’ll love to sew for your living room or bedroom. Grab your favorite fabric and start sewing!  10 beautiful pillow tutorials 1. Rosette Pillow by thrifty and chic. 2. Cathedral windows