12+ Lunch Bag Tutorials

12+ Lunch Bag tutorials!

Sew a lunch bag! Here are 12 great lunch bag tutorials you’ll enjoy! Of course, when making a lunch bag or snack bags for your kids, be mindful that these are for food. Stay away from fabrics that are not safe for food.


12 lunch bag tutorials

Zippered top lunch bag by Blissful: I actually made a couple of these last year and really liked them.

Washable lunch bag by the Mad Quilter

Lunch Bag by The Long Thread

Fabric Lunch Bag by Crazy Little Projects

Handled Lunch Box by the Pink Penguin

Bento Box by Lark Crafts

Lunch Sack by Lemon Squeezy Home

Vintage Pillowcase Lunch Bag by Oh Fransson

Panelled Insulated Lunch Bag by Savvy Seams

Lunch Bag from Bend The Rules With Fabric via The Storque

Oil Cloth Lunch Sack by Tumbling Blocks

Cute Enough To Eat Lunch Bag by JoAnn’s: I actually enlarged this pattern for the last lunch bag I made.

Then make yourself an ice pack, a cute ice pack cover, a few napkins, maybe a sandwich wrap, a sandwich wrap & mat, or snack bag and you’re good! But please (PLEASE) don’t use oil cloth, PUL or other fabrics that aren’t supposed to be against your child’s food. I say, who cares if it doesn’t wipe clean, just wash it!

Have you made a lunch bag or box? Did you create your own pattern or use one you found?

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  1. says

    i made some reusable snack bags…i didn’t use a pattern, and they are certainly not perfect…but they worked and they actually came BACK home after her first day of school! Success!

  2. Katy Johnson says

    Obviously this page has been around a while but I thought you would like to know that people are still looking at it and enjoying it. I have a “thing” about the perfect lunch bag and am going to try at lest two of the patterns here. Thanks!

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