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Kitchen Organization Hacks

22 DIY Kitchen Hacks & TipsI am a total neat freak! I thrive off of clean and beautiful spaces. But sometimes when you have kids, or a job, or a life… you just don’t have that much time and energy to clean and organize. So I’m excited to be sharing some of my favorite kitchen organization tricks that I’ve found! I definitely already do some of these things and others I’m saving for my dream home… You know, when I’m like 100.

1. Cutting Board over the Garbage Can

I love this idea. The wood cutting board is beautiful and I love that it’s so easy to discard the unwanted parts that usually just take up space on your cutting board!

Cutting Board Hack

 2. Hanging Herb Mason Jars

This is a great way to brighten up your kitchen! Plus, it is definitely very functional as well.

Hanging Herb Mason Jars

3. Hand Soap Cake Stand

Want to find a cute and inexpensive way to keep your dish soap organized? This is a simple and inexpensive way to keep your counters looking clean.

Dish Soap Stand

4. Organization for Trays

Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right trays, muffin tins, etc. These dividers would definitely make life a lot easier!

Kitchen Cupboard Dividers

5. Hanging Mason Jars

Keep the snacks and other pretty cooking supplies handy with this clever idea. It is definitely also a great way to add some variety and decor to your kitchen!

Hanging Mason Jars

 6. No-Slip Kitchen Towel

I have actually done this! It really helps when you have kiddos around… Plus it looks so nice to have your towel draped nicely over the front of the oven door.

Kitchen Towel Hack

7. Clean and Organize your Fridge

Isn’t this fridge absolutely gorgeous!? A Bowl Full of Lemons has some great ideas to getting your fridge to be organized and easily manageable.

Fridge Clean and Organized

 8. Storing Utensils

What a cute and clever way to organize your utensils

Store Utensils

9. Hidden Storage Cupboard for Cans

Classy Clutter is using space in a clever way. I love how organized these cans are, as well as how easy they are to find!!

Storage Cupboard

10. Mason Jar Pantry

I love how pretty this looks and what a great way to stay on top of those every day pantry supplies. Yay for being organized!! Check out what kinds of things you might want to store in a Mason Jar Pantry.

Mason Jar Pantry

 11. Hanging Wire Baskets

I am in love with this idea. Use baskets to store items that you use on a daily basis. The Golden Boys and Me made her baskets into a lunch station… I think it would be great to use baskets to make fruits, veggies and other snacks easily accessible for the family!

Hanging Baskets

 12. Vertical Bakeware Storage

Besides the aqua in this picture being absolutely adorable!! I love how easy this cupboard would be to keep organized and you would always be able to find the right pot or pan!!

Storage for Pans and Baking Dishes

Martha Stewart

13. Drawer Around the Sink

This is a great storage idea for all those odds and ends that clutter your sink… and this is a great use of space that is usually just wasted.

Drawer Around Sink

 14. Organize Diagonally

I have never seen this done but can imagine that it would definitely be a space saver and make your drawer a little bit less of a headache! 

Drawer Organization

 15. Dresser to Kitchen Island

What a crazy idea right?? I think this is amazing because it doesn’t take up much space, but adds storage, plus some precious workspace!! 

Dresser to Kitchen Island

 16. Kitchen Cleaning Hacks including the Toaster

Every wondered how to clean the toaster the easy way?? Martha Stewart has all kinds of kitchen hacks up her sleeve!

Cleaning Toaster

17. Command Center

Curious how to create the perfect command center to organize your kitchen–and your life?? This is a gorgeous example.

Command Center

 18. Old Fashioned Handles

This is definitely making a beautiful statement in the home! Use old fashioned handles to hang towels.

Vintage Towel hanger

 19. Conversion Chart

A conversion chart in the kitchen is extremely helpful for any bakers and cooks out there!! This is a genius chart from Infarrantly Creative.

Conversion Chart

 20. Hanging Utensils

Love how bright and organized this space is. Hang a towel rack and store your favorite utensils in an easily accessible place!

Hanging Utensils

 21. Pegboard

Who knew that pegboard had so many uses? Use a pegboard to help you stay organized. This would definitely be helpful in a smaller kitchen where you don’t have a lot of storage options. Or maybe even on the inside of a cupboard!

Pegboard Hanging Utensils and Pots

 22. Pantry Storage Labels

Labels definitely help make any space a little more organized. I love these labels from Better Homes and Gardens!

Storage Labels


  1. says

    I absolutely love number 9. It’s such a clever way to increase storage without taking up any needed space! My husband and I are in the process of moving into a new but small house, so I’m really enjoying looking up how to make the most of what we have :) Thank you!

  2. Helen says

    There’s too much “crap” popping up making it impossible to navigate this site. Get rid of all the advertising. I would love to learn of your ideas.

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