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How to Make a Memory Jar for 2016

Happy New Year! I’m so thrilled for the New Year and can’t wait to fill our memory jar! Who else is excited to make some new memories this year?

Memory Jar

We had an amazing New Years Eve as we started our Star Wars marathon with our best friends. We watched all 6 in 24 hours. We had a full snack table going pretty much the whole time and so many fun games for mini intermissions–there were 6 kids to entertain! It was quite the event and made for a perfect first memory for our new Year. 

Memory Jar 3

These are the kinds of memories that I want to remember forever, which is why I put together a simple and colorful memory jar for the new year.

Memory Jar 8

I’ve wanted to create a memory jar for about 3 years now, so it’s about time I finally get around to doing it! A memory jar doesn’t have to be fancy, but I did want it to be cute so that I could keep it out in the living room where the whole family will see it and be reminded to record some of their favorite memories.

Memory Jar 2

The goal is to write down some of our memories each week during our family meeting, that way we actually remember them!

Memory Jar 5

Here is what you need to make your own memory jar!


  • Jar
  • Print the cute labels
  • Washi Tape, Twine, Stickers, etc. (whatever you want to use to decorate!)
  • Paper strips


  1. Print out the printable to place on your jar.
  2. Decorate the jar.
  3. Prepare the strips for writing on so that it’s easy to grab and record a memory without having to go find some paper!

Click Here to Get Printable Jar Labels!

Memory Jar 6 We rolled them up and then applied a little washi tape to give them a pop of color! The kids can easily roll them up and apply washi tape on their own which makes it fun for them to add a memory to the jar. Memory Jar 4 Now set your jar out and start recording! The truth is that the best thing about memories is making them! So go and make some memories!! Memory Jar 1 At the end of the year, you can celebrate by having a party and pulling out all of the fun memories. Sometimes one of the most exciting things is remembering all of the fun times that you have together as a family!


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