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DIY Pirate Eye Patch Tutorial

Every young imagination needs a pirate patch for the occassional adventure at sea. Learn how to make a DIY pirate eye patch in this quick, easy tutorial. Just a couple scraps of felt, a little elastic and 5 minutes and your pirate will be ready to go.


Download Eye Patch Template or just create your own shape.

  1. Cut 2 eye patches out of medium or heavy felt.
  2. Cut elastic 1″ shorter than head circumference.
  3. Sandwich the tips of the elastic between the two eye patch pieces. About 1/2″ of elastic should be between the eye patches on each side.
  4. Sew 1/4″ around the edge.

Walk the plank.

Eye patch-0382
You see why I had to use Big Monkey in THIS photo? Totally not how an eye patch is worn.

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