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DIY Flannel Poncho Tutorial

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Payless. All opinions are 100% mine.

DIY Flannel Poncho Tutorial Flannel ponchos are very on trend this season. You’ll see them in just about every store. If you’re like me, you see something like this and think, “I can make that!” Or maybe you see it and wish you could. Well here’s your chance. They are really basic to make and I’m showing you how. A sewing machine is optional on this tutorial. If you don’t have one, you can hand stitch this very easily. DIY Flannel Poncho Tutorial I paired these flannel ponchos with some great boots from Payless. I recently took a shopping trip to the store and was pleasantly surprised by the selection. I couldn’t decide which boots to get so I got three pairs. They’re affordable and the styles are similar to what you’ll find in other, high end stores so I splurged. I am definitely ready for Fall now. 

  • I opted for one pair that is both on trend and a bit dressier. Perfect for date night. The Women’s Ramona Booty is comfortable for having a high heel. I love ankle boots. Great for wearing with all types of pants.
  • I’ve never had a pair of shearling type boots. I know, I know. I’m in the minority, but I haven’t. The Women’s Montana Cozy Boot are super soft. That faux fur trim is so comfortable. They almost feel like slippers. Perfect for day to day wear in the Fall and Winter. Especially here where it gets really cold.
  • I found myself needing a pair of casual black boots too. The Women’s Vale Sweater Back Boot is another comfortable boot that’s definitely on trend. 

If you haven’t been into a Payless lately you should give it a try! You’ll love the variety. Something for all occasions. 

Now, let’s make those flannel ponchos! 

DIY Flannel Poncho Tutorial

Project Time:

30 minutes

Project Cost:

$10-20, depending on the cost of your flannel.


  • 1.5-2 yards of cotton flannel
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • coordinating thread


  1. Find the center of your fabric (length and width wise).
  2. Following the diagram, cut a 6 inch chunk out of the middle of the fabric, starting at on end and ending in the center. Cut the curve for the neckline as in the diagram.
  3. Optional: Turn the cut edge under 1/4″, press and turn again, press. Topstitch the hem. If you don’t do this step your poncho may unravel some around the neck/front but that’s a fun look as well!
  4. With the wrong sides of the fabric together, fold the poncho in half so the front (cut side) is on top of the back. Starting 15″ from the top and 5″ from the side and stitch 10 inches long. If you are hand sewing, follow this video tutorial and sew using the backstitch. 

DIY Poncho Tutorial That’s it! These are really cozy. Great for watching sports on the sidelines, going out with friends or even date night! Make sure you check out Payless on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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  1. OINARI says

    Hi Andrea.

    I love this idea, and I want to make it for my Daughter. What’s the sizing? Is the 1.5-2 yards enough for an XL?


  2. Betty says

    Going fabric shopping Tuesday, I think I will pick up co-ordinating flannels and make a reversible one, by sewing two together.

  3. Edna says

    What you made is also called a rauna, in Spanish. It’s very popular in the southwest area of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

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