Santa Hat Patterns


Looking for Santa hat patterns? I’ve found crochet, knit & fleece patterns for kids, adults and a doll! Just scroll through to see which you prefer. Each hat has a tutorial linked below the photo. Enjoy! Get the pattern at CreatiKnit. Pattern from Fleece Fun. Pattern from Ashlee Marie. Pattern HERE. Knit baby Santa hat

Crochet and Knit Hat Patterns for Boys

the best knit and crochet patterns for boys

Ready to knit or crochet a hat for a boy? Here are some great crochet and knit hat patterns for boys you’ll love! He’ll be so excited to receive these! They’re fun and cute and boyish. Each hat pattern is linked below the photo. Pattern on Ravelry Pattern by Tara Murray Pattern by Elizabeth Murphy

12 Knit Hat Patterns for Girls and Women

12 gorgeous knit hat patterns

12 knit hats to make for a little girl or woman in your life! Or knit one for yourself!  I searched through hundreds of knitting patterns to find my favorite 12 patterns. I hope you enjoy! The link to each one is below it’s photo. 12 knit hat patterns for girls and women  Pattern by

Ridiculously Cute Crochet Hat Patterns for Girls


Do you crochet?? It’s time to learn! Here are 12 ridiculously cute crochet hat patterns for girls. I don’t know which is my favorite. It’s so hard to choose! The link to find the pattern is under each individual photo below. Happy hooking! 12 ridiculously cute crochet hat patterns for girls: Pattern by Heidi May

Tunisian Crochet Projects


Have you been introduced to Tunisian crochet?? It’s amazing!! I simply love the look of these! I’ve found a bunch of tutorials and instructions for you to learn. I can’t wait to try some of these. Tunisian crochet basics Tutorial by Purl Bee Simple Tunisian Crochet video for beginners Video by Happy Berry Simple and gorgeous

3 Arm Knitting Tutorials

Arm knitting tutorials

Arm knitting is the simplest way to learn how to knit! You won’t believe how easy making a blanket with this technique is! Check out these arm knitting tutorials by Simply Maggie for a scarf, blanket and ear warmers. You’ll get hooked! 1. The simplest arm knitting scarf tutorial source 2. 45 minute arm knitting

What Does the Fox Say? Fox Costume Tutorials

Fox costume tutorials

Be a fox for Halloween! I’ve found 10 of the cutest fox costume tutorials you’ll love. 1. Adult fox romper 2. Tricky Fox tutorial by Running With Scissors 3. DIY no sew fox tail tutorial by BITS 4. Tulle fox tail tutorial 5. Simple DIY fox tutorial by The Paper Mama 6. Sly fox crochet

$30 DIY Crocheted Wedding Dress

DIY crocheted wedding dress

There are some DIY projects you see and think, “Oh, that’s actually really nice!” And then there are some you see and your jaw drops in amazement. Well Reddit user alkikat takes the award for out DIYing everyone else this year. She crocheted her own wedding dress on her morning commute. And it’s simply gorgeous. Did