What Does the Fox Say? Fox Costume Tutorials

Fox costume tutorials

Be a fox for Halloween! I’ve found 10 of the cutest fox costume tutorials you’ll love. 1. Adult fox romper 2. Tricky Fox tutorial by Running With Scissors 3. DIY no sew fox tail tutorial by BITS 4. Tulle fox tail tutorial 5. Simple DIY fox tutorial by The Paper Mama 6. Sly fox crochet

$30 DIY Crocheted Wedding Dress

DIY crocheted wedding dress

There are some DIY projects you see and think, “Oh, that’s actually really nice!” And then there are some you see and your jaw drops in amazement. Well Reddit user alkikat takes the award for out DIYing everyone else this year. She crocheted her own wedding dress on her morning commute. And it’s simply gorgeous. Did

Crochet Monster Hat Tutorial

free monster hat pattern

Hey there! I’m Emily from The Boy Trifecta. I’m excited to be part of Andrea’s fantastic series, but I do have a confession. I don’t really do handmade costumes. Well, at least not sewn costumes – we did this cardboard box robot thing last year. See, I REALLY hate to spend a ton of time