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3 Simple Tricks for Anti-Meal Planning

3 tips for the anti-meal planner.

Are you anti-meal planning?? Don’t do it! Here are 3 simple tricks to always having a meal on the table even if you aren’t a meal planner and don’t have much time.

3 tips for anti-meal planning

1. Always have some cooked meat in the freezer.

It’s a pretty simple concept. You need to cook a huge batch of hamburger, cook chicken in a crock pot or grill a bunch of chicken breasts. Then just slice those breasts, or portion that meat into freezer bags and seal. That way you can have tacos, spaghetti, salad, pasta with chicken, etc. any time! 

2. Keep veggies & fruit on hand.

When all else fails, cut up raw fruits and veggies as a side dish. That’s totally ok and actually healthier than cooking them! 

3. Keep your pantry stocked with ingredients you use frequently.

Rice, flour, sugar, dry pasta, marinara. All of these things should be in your pantry at all times if you eat them. You know those grilled chicken strips in your freezer? Pull those out, throw some rice in the rice cooker, add a side of fresh fruit and veggies? It’s a meal you didn’t plan and only took a few minutes to prep. Well done.

Bonus: Do some make ahead meals.

With a few meals in the freezer you can easily make something healthy for your family even on busy days!

Check out these simple weeknight meals you can make with what’s already in your fridge and pantry if you’ve followed steps 1-3!

Simple weeknight meals - everything is already in your pantry!

Get the recipes here.


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