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25 Creative Ways to Decorate Eggs

25 creative egg decorating ideas - tutorials Egg decorating is one of those fond memories kids look back upon. Remember all those double dipped, pale pastel eggs splashing dye too and fro? Now you’re grown up and have a chance to create some eggs that are just as fun but much more interesting and creative to make. I’ve found 25 of my favorite creative ways to decorate eggs. You’ll want to jump right in and get creating.

1. Watercolor eggs

If you’re good with a paintbrush you should try your hand at painting eggs. These watercolor pansies by Craftberry Bush are gorgeous. 

Watercolor eggs. GORGEOUS.

2. Brown and white eggs

Who says you can’t decorate brown eggs? These eggs by Kaley Ann are so simple and really perfect. 

Painted natural colored eggs are beautiful.

3. Watercolor butterflies

Craftberry Bush has some more beautiful DIY eggs.

Gorgeous! You won't believe how easy this is!

4. Colorful Sharpie eggs

Sharpies are a great and easy way to get everyone involved in decorating eggs. Get to work creating something geometrical or maybe just a little whimsical. has instructions for you to create your own.

DIY sharpie eggs - the cutest!

5. Gold leaf eggs

Sugar and Charm will teach you how to make these stunning Easter eggs. Go for something cute like a bunny or intricate like world.

Learn how to gold foil leaf your eggs! Beautiful!

6. Gold leaf speckled eggs

No need for artistic talent to make these beauties. First you’ll dye the eggs then use an adhesive and finally add the gold leaf. Full instructions on A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Gorgeous gold leaf speckled eggs DIY

7. Moss covered eggs

If you’re looking for decor to get you excited about spring and everything new, these moss covered eggs will do the trick. Cherished Bliss has an excellent tutorial.

DIY moss covered eggs

8. Mini egg piñatas

While these are technically not starting as eggs (paper maché) they’re so festive you’ll want to make a bunch. The full tutorial is on Oh Happy Day.

DIY piñata eggs

9. Cross stitch eggs

Sublime Stitching is showing off these cute cross stitch eggs.

DIY cross stitch eggs

10. Bakers twine eggs

Bakers twine. It’s not just for wrapping gifts anymore. Plug in your glue gun and grab some plastic eggs. These are fun for decor. Tutorial by Landee See Landee Do.

DIY bakers twine eggs

11. Neon glitter eggs

What could be more fun than neon glitter eggs. The perfect gift to give to people that don’t live at your house! Martha Stewart has the tutorial.

DIY neon glitter eggs

12. Sharpie eggs

You’ll need different sizes of Sharpie and some white eggs to make these black and white eggs. Obviously Sweet has a few tips for you.

DIY black and white eggs

13. Dainty lace eggs

Love the simplicity of lace? These pretty eggs are wrapped in lace and dyed. Get the tutorial by Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll.

Gorgeous lace eggs - DIY

14. Super Mario eggs

Every game lover will fall for these cute little guys. A super awesome Instructables contributor has the full tutorial so you can create something just as fantastic.

Mario eggs DIY

15. Decoupage eggs

Napkins are thin and easy to decoupage onto eggs with a little glue. See the instructions on Dizzymaiden.

Beautiful floral eggs

16. Scramble lines

Grab your electrical tape and some vinyl letters to create these eggs with a modern vibe. Get the tutorial on Martha Stewart.

Fun DIY egg decorating technique!

17. Cheater calligraphy eggs

These are beautiful and you don’t even need good handwriting! Download the free template from Oh Happy Day and print using printable tattoo paper.

Calligraphy egg

18. Photo eggs

What is more fun than finding an egg with your own picture? A Subtle Revelry shows you how to get your photos to stay on the eggs.

Photo decoupage egg

19. Embroidered eggs

These are pretty and worth the extra effort! You’ll need a dremel or a rotary tool with a diamond cutting disc and drill bit to create a hole in the egg without cracking the whole shell. Design Sponge has the full tutorial. 

Stitched eggs - DIY

20. Painterly pastel eggs

Use a paintbrush for a totally different way to color your eggs. Paper n Stitch has some tips for you.

Lovely painted eggs

21. Botanical Eggs

Use real leaves and herb sprigs to create these pretty, botanical eggs. Martha Stewart has the tutorial.

Beautiful nature relief eggs

22. Subway art eggs

Grab your adhesive vinyl (or stickers) and your acrylic paint and make some subway art. Lil Luna has the tutorial for these vibrant eggs.

Subway art eggs

23. Washi tape eggs

Grab your favorite washi tape and create bold stripes, colorful collages or use a craft punch to create a lace effect. To Be Charmed has all the details on these pretty eggs.

Gorgeous DIY eggs!


24. Gorgeous paper napkin eggs

With a dozen eggs and just 3 paper napkins and 2 egg whites, lightly beaten, you can make these gorgeous eggs. Full instructions by LRF.

You'll never guess how these were made!

25. Fun washi tape eggs

Get creative with your washi tape. Create modern designs and shapes. These cute eggs and tutorial by Lovely Indeed.

A new twist on washi tape eggs!


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