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Snowflake Templates

Over 100 snowflake templates! Including Star Wars, Frozen, Christmas themed and more!

It’s time to make some winter snowflakes! You can just “wing it” or use some of these templates as inspiration for fancy snowflakes! You’ll love all of these. You can cover all your windows with these! Grab some paper and scissors and you’re ready for fun. Start out by learning how to fold and cut a basic six pointed snowflake. The link to the original post/template is below each photo. Enjoy!

Star Wars

FREE Star Wars snowflake templates. Dozens! Anthony Herrera has dozens of fantastic snowflake templates for Star Wars fans!


Templates for snowflakes! Lapappadolce has 24 sketches to show you great looking snowflakes! Follow their instructions on how to fold your paper then cut using this guide!


Frozen snowflake templates Disney templates.


Deerdeer snowflake Deer snowflake by Seakettle.

Christmas Themed

Christmas themed snowflake templates Buy these patterns on Etsy.

Basic Snowflakes for Kids

basic snowflake templates for kids! Marcels Kid Crafts has 10 templates to print for kids.


Ballerina snowflake tutorial Source: Krokatak

Twisted Snowflake Templates (3 sizes)

Gorgeous snowflake! Free template!

Template via Elli

More Snowflake Templates:

First Palette 

She Knows



  1. Mary Jane Godwin says

    These are beautiful. I have always loved to make cut out snowflakes and I am 71 now and am still amazed at so many things that people can do.

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