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25 Things to Sew for the Kitchen

25 things to make and sew for the kitchen!

I’ve found so many amazing tutorials for things you can make and sew for the kitchen! From potholders to tea towels, coasters and more you’ll love these tutorials. Click the link under each photo to go to the original tutorial.

Sew a potholder

Adorable DIY pot holder tutorial

potholder tutorial by Miss Mary’s Sewing Classes

adorable potholder tutorial! potholder tutorial by Nana Company

Two handed potholder tutorial. This is amazing!

double potholder tutorial by Pretty Prudent


Skillet handle tutorial by Practical Stewardship

“Paper” towels DIY cloth "paper" towels

tutorial by sew a straight line DIY "paper" towel tutorial tutorial by Scribble Sketch

DIY paper towel tutorial

Hand sewn cloth towel tutorial by mommy potamus

Napkins & towels

Linen cloth napkin tutorial

Linen napkins tutorial on The Purl Bee

the simplest napkin tutorial

perfect mitered corner napkin tutorial

Tea towel tutorial

tea towels on Sew 4 Home


Tea towel tutorial on Lil Luna


recipe card tea towel by Mama Say What?

Chair & stool cushions

Chair cushion tutorial

chair cushion tutorial by mmmcrafts

stool cover tutorial

kitchen stool cover tutorial by Lo and Behold


sandwich bag DIY tutorial

sandwich bag tutorial by The DIY Mommy

DIY kitchen towel bag - great for dirty towels!

rag bag tutorial by sew a straight line

potato bag tutorial

potato bag by Girl and a Glue Gun


Plastic bag organizer tutorial on Martha Stewart


heart coaster tutorial

coaster tutorial by 30 Days Handmade

round coaster tutorial

round coaster tutorial on Craft Foxes

Bowl & casserole covers

cloth bowl cover tutorial

tutorial by The Cottage Mama

casserole carrier tutorial

Casserole carrier by Taylor Made

bowl carrier tutorial

Casserole or pie carrier by Crafty Gemeni



Quick and cheap rug tutorial on Apartment Therapy
DIY rag rug - so easy!

woven rag rug from A Beautiful Mess

More ideas!


10 curtain tutorials


Roman shade tutorials


  1. Monica Bauschard says

    its still early here in AZ having my first cup of tea, but found your mail in my e-mail box and there will be no house work today the patterns are wonderful can’t wait to start Xmas sewing what some lovely gifts to make and give thank you so much – happy sewing day for me

  2. Amy Hindman says

    I’ve been meaning to make one of those potato bags. We’ve had not one but two explode in the oven! Once my husband’s fault and the other time it was my fault :) We’re obviously a little disctracted

  3. Martha says

    I just saw your ideas and they are wonderful. Can’t wait to get started on some them as gifts!!!! Please send me any more that you may have as I am making items to sell for non-profit, (and I do mean non-profit!!!!). All of the sales are going to help couples offset the costs incurred with adopting children. These are couples that have tried and tried to have children but can’t. They just want to give children a good, loving home.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Joan St. Marie says

    Thank you for the kitchen items to sew – they will make wonderful Christmas gifts – may you and your family have a happy and safe Christmas Season!!

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